Niubeiliang National Forest Park

Niubeiliang National Forest Park locates at south foot of Qinling Mountain and it is about 1.5 hours driving from downtown Xian through Qinling Tunnel. The thick virgin forest, the sequestered creeks, the unique canyon scenery, the seldom-seen stone forest landscape, the Qinling firs, the azalea belt, the alpine meadow, and the ruins of quaternary glacier contribute to the complicity and uniqueness of the national forest park.

The whole forest park falls into four scenic areas and three function areas. At present the ones open to public are: comprehensive service area at the park entrance, Lingniugu Sightseeing and Recreation Area, Liuchiling Peak Forest Scenery Area and Niubeiliang Alpine Scenery Area.

Niubeiliang National Forest Park

When one enters the tranquil forest, he will see the verdant hills and green waters which is typical scenery of southern China and experience the unique local folk cultures like language, food habit, and folk dwellings. All of them distinguish from them on the north side of the Qinling Mountain. Qinling Mountain is the dividing line of southern and northern China. So the highest spot of the forest park is also called the “Geographical Backbone of China”.

Among all sub scenic area, Lingniugu (Takin Valley) is the most accessible one because here the path is relatively flat so visitors of all ages can enjoy some leisurely time here. The whole valley looks like a natural paradise. The lacune of the mountain massif is filled with a strip of clear blue sky. The cool and torrential waterfalls make the valley the best place to escape from burning summer days. Moreover the creeks and mini water pond on roadside or lying beneath rows of plants make there a picturesque place.

Liuchiling Scenic Area is steeper and there are much stairs. Young guys and mountain climbing lovers may find it is an ideal place to climb. When climb upstairs visitors will have chance to appreciate Qinling firs, Alpine azalea, Forest growing in rocks and many other landscapes. The ones most worthy of seeing are: Tiangongshi (Rock of Heaven), Dimufeng (Peak of Earth), Lengshanwang (King of Qinling firs), Wanshougui (Longevity Turtle), and Huazhonggui (Queen if Flowers). When one arrives at Alpine scenery area, taking a walk on the “Geographical Backbone of China” he will find himself in a huge miniature garden. The groves of alpine trees do not grow higher. Instead they grow faster into various postures which just like being designed by a miniature master. The unique climate and wind affected each things growing on the mountain top.

Niubeiliang National Forest Park

Niubeiliang Alpine Scenery Area possesses boundless alpine meadow, Fir belt, continuous azalea, and ruins of glacier. Only the visitors of strongest will and enough energy could arrive there. Of it is sunny and clear, one could have a bird’s view of the southern part of Xian.

For a long time the Niubeiliang National Forest Park is hard to get from Xian because it locates in mountain area of south foot of Qinling Mountain Ranges while Xian is in north side of the mountain ranges. In past it takes at least 4 hours from Xian to the forest park and once it rains or snow the driving could be dangerous. Before the Qinling Tunnel opens people have to drive along the way on wait of Qinling Mountain and that is the only highway that connecting two sides of Qinling Mountian. Now as it is much easier to get there, the Niubeiliang National Forest Park becomes a regular summer resort of local people.

Niubeiliang National Forest Park

Entrance fee:

RMB90 per person
Children under 1.2m could visit for free
Children 1.2-1.4m could visit with half price

Opening hours: 08:00-18:00

Public transportation:
Take the inter-city bus to Zhashui at South Bus Station of Xian. Get off the bus at the county of Zhashui and take the bus to Niubeiliang National Forest Park. The total transportation cost would be at around RMB40 per person.

Tips for Niubeiliang National Forest Park visiting:
Usually a one day tour to Niubeiliang National Forest Park is ok. If one want to see all highlights of the forest park 2 day will be good.
For visitors who want to explore the forest park with less walk he could take the cable car up/down the mountain.