The Stories about the Christmas

Each child holds his or her expectation for the Christmas. They would dream that they could find surprising gifts they wanted as long as they put a big sock on their beds. As Christmas has been more and more popular across the whole world, more Chinese people would like to celebrate this significant foreign Festival and to learn about the knowledge regarding it.

The legend of Christmas

As an exciting festival to all people, especially to little children, seldom people didn’t hear of Christmas Day and legend regarding it. Long long ago, there was an old man named Nicholas, devoted himself to help the poor. A poor family had three girls, with only the second girl healthy but the other two girls weak and ill. The helpless father tended to sell the second daughter to sustain the life of family, which was known by Nicholas. The warm-hearted old man comforted the families and wanted to help them secretly. When the night came, Nicholas planed to throw a bag of gold into the girls’ room secretly and the bag of gold happened to fall into a sock hanging on the head of bed. So the custom that put the gifts into the socks had been spread among people, especially for children.

It is said that the Santa would drive a sleigh pulled by reindeer to send gifts to the children who has keeping a good manner. He would come into house from the chimney and secretly put the gifts into the socks hanging at the head of children’ bed. So all children would hang colorful socks at the head of beds and put a glass of hot milk besides the socks for the busy and heroic Santa Nicholas. In the next morning, each child happily rushed to open their presents and wondered what rewards they had.

Until 1822, a Dutch missionary brought this story to America. Then it was promoted with special marketing method and spread into the whole world, including some Asian countries, such as Japan, Korea and China.

The Origin of Christmas Day

Each 25th, December is the date for Christian to memorize the birthday of Jesus. At the first, there was no Christmas Day in Church until about 100 years after Jesus’ death. It is said that the first Christmas was hosted by Bishop of St. in the year 138 AD. According to the record of history of church, it was in the year 336 AD. Because there were no confirmed records about the birth day of Jesus, the Christmas kept different from each other in the world. Until 440 AD, 25th of December had been set as the Christmas by Vatican. In the year of 1607 AD, the church from the whole world held a meeting at Bethlehem and further decided the date of Christmas. What bears significance is not celebrating birthday for Jesus on which day but we should know that day is for us to memorize the great Jesus.

According to the record that Jesus had born in the night, so we traditionally regarded the night of 24th, December as Christmas Eve. People would prepare Christmas tree and gifts for friends, families and lovers, sing Christmas songs and make the Christmas cards, enjoy the dinner with families under the Christmas tree. In a word, Christmas is a day representing goodness!

Nowadays, as Christmas has spread to China, Chinese culture also attracts many foreigners’ interest. Many travelers from abroad would travel in China in their Christmas holidays to explore this beautiful country. Xian is one of top cities they prefer. There are many culture tours, theme torus and education tours offered in China Xian Tour to fit your dream or expectation about this ancient city and country.