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Xi'an Night Tours: Explore Xi'an's Enchanting Nightlife & Vibrant Culture

Trying to decide what to do in Xi’an at night? A famous ancient capital known for its Terracotta Army and Ancient City Wall, Xi’an offers as many delights after the sun sets as it does during the day.

The night in Xi’an unveils the enduring prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. After dark, the city’s ancient landmarks, like the Bell & Drum Tower, City Wall, and Big Wild Goose Pagoda which have witnessed the city’s evolution over thousands of years will bathe in the warm glow of hanging red lanterns. The antique streets and night markets rich in ancient tales will be illuminated by vibrant lights.

To inspire you on how to make the most of your nights in Xi’an, our professional team has thoughtfully curated the Xian Night Tours delving into the ancient stories and rich history of this remarkable city.

Most Popular Xian Night Trips

Join us on our most popular Xian night tours to discover its enchanting nightlife. Following a local expert to visit Xian by night, you’ll immerse in the aroma of delicious street food along the bustling Muslim Quarter; marvel at the seamless blend of ancient history and lively heartbeat of the city at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Bell & Drum Tower Square; and watch a Tang Dynasty Show which brings the imperial splendor to life.

Beyond just sightseeing, our tours are a deep dive into Xian nightlife and culture, and best of all, each of these Xian night experiences can be tailored to fit your tastes and timetable.

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