Wonderful Tang Dynasty Show and Dumpling Dinner

The Tang Dynasty Show is a cultural spectacle that transports audiences back to the Tang Dynasty through traditional music, dance, and costumes. A dumpling banquet is a culinary journey through the rich flavors of Xi’an, featuring a variety of dumplings of different shapes and ingredients. The combination of the Tang Dynasty Show and Dumping Banquet will offer a holistic cultural experience in this ancient capital, making it a great night option during your travel to Xi’an.

Show Times & Ticket Price

  • Time: 18:00 (for dinner), 19:30 – 20:30 (for the show)
  • Ticket Price: CNY218 per person (for the show); CNY 350 per person (dumpling banquet + show); CNY 580 per person (court banquet + show)

Tang Dynasty Show

Tang Dynasty Show is a show of The Tang Dynasty, Xi’an. It is a re-creation of the dances in Tang Dynasty and the show is played in Tang Dynasty Theatre Restaurant. The show not only reproduces the songs and dances of the Tang Dynasty but also injects new elements into it.

At each performance, there are 104 artists presenting the show. Also, within the troupe, 30 master musicians play various Chinese and Western instruments, including the hand-plucked stringed Pipa, Ruan, Guzheng, Erhu, Yangqin, Dizi, Sheng, Paixiao, 24 tone Bronze chime-bells, Suona and a group of percussion instruments.

Tang Dynasty Show in Xi'an
Tang Dynasty Show

There are 8 programs in the show. The first one is “The Music of the King”, in which a rite is held because the emperor is coming to discuss national affairs with the senior officials. The second is a dance with long white ribbon, which was a folk dance 1,500 years ago. The third is a dance of folk sacrifice.

The Rainbow Costume Dance was created by Yang Yuhuan, a concubine of an emperor and also one of the four most beautiful women in Chinese history. The fifth one describes the circumstances of wars. The sixth one is a dance of spring outing. The seventh one is a performance of Paixiao, a musical instrument. The final one is a dance of celebrating.

Dumpling Banquet

Before the Tang Dynasty show begins, Dumpling Dinner will satisfy your stomach a lot. Though the show and the dinner can be sold separately, most people do them at the same night. The stuffed dumpling feast is a kind of special snacks in Xi’an. The Jiefanglu Dumpling Restaurant and Defachang succeeded in the making of this kind of special dumplings on the basis of studying and developing the traditional way of dumpling making handed dawn since the Tang Dynasty. It is a new style of dumpling feast.

With minute care paid to choosing materials and unique way in its making the dumplings turned out are vivid in shape with each and every having its own specials, good for appreciation and eye-feasting, and if you have them you’ll get a lasting aftertaste.

In 1989, the dumpling produced in these two restaurants was awarded with the “ Golden Tripod Prize” by the Ministry of Commerce, crowned as “Best in China with Unique Tastes.” At the same time Shu Tong, the famous calligrapher of the time wrote an inscription “ A Local Snack with an Eternal Taste,” and so did He Jingzhi, a famous poet by composing a poem: “Dumpling feast to treat literary friends, Defachang in Chang’an is the place I keep in minds. ” It is reputed as “Peerless in China. ”

The dumpling feast in Xi’an is a culmination of all dumpling-making methods in China. Selecting the best from among chicken, duck, fish and shrimp, pork, beef, mutton and rabbit meat and also sea boiling to work out dumpling feasts distinctive in contraceptive creation and the dumplings thus turned out are delicious with various tastes as salty, sweet, delicious, sour and that producing a prickling sensation.

Dumpling banquet in Xi'an
Dumpling banquet

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