Why Qin Shihuang Mausoleum Can’t be Excavated

Xian Terracotta is known to global tourists. It is actually a part of mortuary objects in Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Mausoleum.

As the first people who unified the whole China, achievement of the Emperor Qin Shihuang is definitely among the top ones throughout Chinese history. As soon as he took the throne at 13 years old, he began the construction of his Mausoleum and the construction lasted 39 years till his death. According to historic record, the mortuary objects buried in the mausoleum is countless and priceless.

When the construction finished, to prevent the labors break the mausoleum’s secret to others, Qin Shihuang ordered his heelers lock all the labors in the mausoleum so they all died soon. As no labors survived when the mausoleum finished, no others knew detailed information of the mausoleum. When the Qin Dynasty was destructed,  the General Xiangyu organized troops to seek for the Emperor’s Mausoleum. But the few months’ work failed to find the entrance of the mausoleum. Finally the general had to give up. And in the following 2000+ years, countless tomb robbers dreamed to enter the Emperor’s Mausoleum. But just like the General Xiang Yu, none of them could find the entrance of the mausoleum.

With the development of technology, the 2000+ years old hidden mausoleum was finally found by archeologists. With the nowadays developed technology, experts are confident that they can open the mausoleum. And no doubt the excavation of the mausoleum will bring promising economical benefit to China. With so inviting benefit, why the government and expert don’t agree to open the mausoleum now?

To answer this question, many people may explain with some legends. In ancient document, it said mausoleum of the Emperor Qin Shihuang is circled by a mercury river. The whole underground palace of the mausoleum is filled with steam of mercury. If open the mausoleum with force, the mercury would easily kill the staff. And in the mausoleum there were lots of hidden machinery to kill people who enter the mausoleum.

While with the modern technology, it is not impossible to wipe out the mercury and the hidden machinery. The real reason is that experts are not self-confident about the mausoleums protection once it is excavated.

Many people have been to Terracotta Warriors and Horses. They look vivid and handsome, but they all wears the original color of clay. Actually when they were newly unearthed, they look more vivid because the colors on their armor, face, and other parts of body. In a few minutes later, the colors got oxidized and disappeared. Till today there is no much satisfying method to solve this problem. This problem bothered experts for quiet a few years, let alone the unknown problems they will face when the mausoleum is opened.

The main aim of the detection to the mausoleum is to protect it. The mausoleum will never be opened till experts are confident to give best and most satisfying protection to the excavated things in the Mausoleum.