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Tour Overview

Siguniang Mountain’s majestic and bizarre peaks, spooky landforms, and rich and unique landscapes are known as the sacred mountain of the East, making it a scenic spot for tourists, a paradise for climbers, a maze for hikers, and a paradise for photographers. It is listed among the top 10 hiking destinations in China. Besides, it is also the world natural heritage, national geological park of China, and one of the habitats of giant panda in Sichuan Province. This 3 days hiking tour will fully show your the beauty of Mt. Siguniang.

Highlights of this tour:

*Just immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Siguniang Mountain.
*With private driver and English guide, as well as our 10+ years experience, you will love your tour and completely feel the magic of this wonderland.

Day-by-day Itinerary

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  1. After breakfast, you will start to enter Haizi valley, and our horse will carry your equipment. Along the way, we will pass Guozhuang ping, Da-jian bao and Jipengzi. After 6-8 hours, we will arrive at base camp of second peak. You could see your climbing route clearly in the camp.In the afternoon,and had some adaptive training. The journey required enough endurance and strength. (Tourists who have poor physical strength, can go there by riding the horse: RMB :460 yuan/person/horse. The guests should pay for themselves.

    Accommodation: Base camp (camping)

    Mount Siguniang Haizi Valley
    Mount Siguniang Haizi Valley

  2. Getting up and having breakfast at around 3 am in the early morning. With the help of the guide and staff, the people who are in great physical state can reach the peak around four hours. After celebration, back to the camp and have some rest. It may need 2 or 3 hours to back to the base. Then hiking to the Dafeng base camp. It will need at around 1.5 hours to Dafeng base. Then have a rest in Dafeng base.

    Accommodation:Base camp (camping)

    Mount Siguniang Dafeng Base
    Mount Siguniang Dafeng Base

  3. Getting up and having breakfast at around 4 am in the early morning. With the help of the guide and staff, the people who are in great physical state can reach the peak around 4.5 hours. After celebration, back to the base. And then continue hiking down to the Rilong town. Riding the horse: RMB :460 yuan/person/horse. The guests should pay for themselves. If the guests do not need , they do not need to pay the fee.

    Mount Siguniang
    Mount Siguniang

Tour Price Per Person

The price varies depending on the activity, number of people, travel date, and selected hotel. Please contact us for a specific price.



1. All the sites are at high altitude, the second peak is at 5276M and the average altitude rangs from 3500 to 4200m. Please make a correct assessment of your physical condition and then decide whether to participate or not.
2. The temperature difference is large in the area. Temperature (sunny days) can reach 20 degrees during the day, night temperature could be as low as 15 ℃ below, please bring warm clothes, and please choose – 20 ℃ temperature scale above of the sleeping bag. High altitude Ultraviolet radiation is intense. Please prepare sunscreen.
3. The mobile phone of telecom has some signals during the hiking in the mountain.
4. Heat loss is rapid in the plateau area. Please prepare high-calorie food to supplement your physical strength. Chocolate, biscuits, vitamins, etc .
5. The area has beautiful scenery, numerous scenic spots of photography. Please bring enough memory card and battery.
6. It is a adventure to mountaineering and hiking. Any unpredictable situation may occur. Participants must agree with this and participate in it voluntarily.
7. During the climbing and hiking activities, the activity fee will not be refunded if the intended purpose (summit) cannot be achieved due to various factors (time, weather, physical condition, etc.);
8. If the intended purpose cannot be achieved due to irresistible natural factors such as traffic obstruction, war, weather, etc., the remaining fees shall be returned to the team members after deducting the expenses already incurred from the activity and the expenses for the aftermath;
9. The route may be adjusted according to special circumstances. After entering the mountain, all the team members must obey the leader’s command and not take any action without permission.
10. To prevent hypertension, heart disease, coronary heart disease and other disease which are not suitable for violent activities. Please consult a doctor and physical examination before departure. Where conceal oneself disease, The customer need to responsible for the whole consequences.
11. Please bring your own medicine.
12. Take good care of the environment and do not throw away non-degradable items and garbage.
13. The organizer is responsible for insurance. Under special circumstances (such as the need for external rescue, etc.), the extra expenses shall be borne by the individual as a result of his/her personal behavior, and shall be equally shared in the circumstances of the team (such as natural and other force majeure factors).
14. The team leader shall have the right to persuade the team members to withdraw from mountaineering activities if the team members have severe altitude sickness or other factors.
15. During climbing and hiking, no drinking is allowed for the team members. If the drinker has any problems, he/she shall be responsible for the consequences.
16. In the process of travel, people should pay attention to personal and property safety when participating in various activities such as hiking and horseback riding. The insurance company shall compensate according to relevant insurance regulations.


Price includes

  • Mountain hiking staff
  • All meals including as listed
  • All the feel of the horse carriage
  • Entrance tickets
  • Tents, air cushion, moisture-proof cushion,safety belt, helmet, alphas, sleeping bag and emergency oxygen tank
  • English mountain hiking guide (you must need a English guide to go with you because the local staff do not speak English)
  • Ascender, flat belt, main lock, quick hanging, grab knot, main rope, road rope, cooking utensils, walkie-talkie mountain special kitchen tent, table, chair, set pot, pressure pot, plateau special big stove head, gas tank, etc
  • Other expenses (mountaineering management fee, registration management fee of Siguniang mountain outdoor center, environment and resources fee, camp fee, public food, Shared materials, wear and tear of equipment, management fee)
  • Public medicine kit and first-aid kit
  • Travel personal accident insurance with the highest refund of RMB 300000.00/ per people

Price excludes

  • Chengdu- rilong town round trip vehicle
  • Additional riding fee (RMB460 / piece/one-way) if necessary
  • Meals not included in other itineraries
  • local hotel for two nights
  • personal equipment( sleeping bag for minus15 degrees C to minus 12 degrees C) (we also provide a sleeping bag. Considering the personal hygiene,you can carry sleeping bag buy yourself) /, backpacks (40 for female, 50L for male ), /hiking shoes, clothes, pants, / catch a pullover trunks, / quick dry underwear, / snow cover, sunglasses, / waterproof gloves, socks, / protective cap, lipstick, sunscreen (HP30 above), / head lamp, and other technical equipment complete set.)
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