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Juyan Lake Wetland Park

The Juyan Lake Basin is one of the few remaining wetlands in the Gobi desert. The wetlands are crucial for biodiversity and play an important role in water conservation and soil erosion control.

  • Location: Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia, China
  • Opening Time: 5:00 -21:00
  • Ticket Price: CNY 80 for adults; CNY 40 for students and seniors
  • Time Needed: About 3 hours
  • Best Time to Visit: May to October
  • Suited to: Nature lovers, photographers, history buffs
Ejin Banner Juyan Lake Wetland Park
Juyan Lake Wetland Park

Why Visit Juyan Lake Wetland Park

The park is home to over 200 species of birds, including many migratory birds that use the wetlands as a stopover during their long journeys. Some of the notable bird species include the red-crowned crane, black-necked crane, swan goose, and bean goose.

The park is also home to several rare and endangered mammal species, such as the wild Bactrian camel, goitered gazelle, and Tibetan wild ass. These animals are adapted to the harsh desert environment and play an important role in the ecosystem.

The populus euphratica trees in the park are a symbol of resilience and adaptability. These trees can survive in harsh environments and are an important source of food and shelter for many animals.

The Heicheng Ruins in the park are an important historical and cultural site that offers insight into the Silk Road trade and the cultural exchanges between China and other countries. The ruins include city walls, towers, temples, and houses that offer a glimpse into the ancient city’s architecture, economy, and culture.


What to See and Do in Juyan Lake Wetland Park

Birdwatching: Juyan Lake is an important habitat for migratory birds, with over 200 species of birds recorded in the area. Visitors can observe birds in their natural habitat and learn about their behaviors and characteristics.

Ejin Banner Juyan Lake Wetland Park
Birdwatching in Juyan Lake Wetland Park

Hiking: There are several hiking trails in Juyan Lake Wetland Park that offer stunning views of the lake and the surrounding landscape. Visitors can explore the wetlands, forests, and grasslands, and enjoy the fresh air and tranquility of the natural environment.

Boating: Visitors can rent a boat and explore the lake, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery and diverse flora and fauna. Boating offers a unique perspective on the wetlands and allows visitors to appreciate the beauty of the lake from a different angle.

Fishing: Juyan Lake is a popular spot for fishing, with a variety of fish species available, such as carp, catfish, and perch. Visitors can rent fishing equipment and try their luck at catching some fish.

Camping: Visitors can camp in Juyan Lake Wetland Park and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the park. Camping allows visitors to immerse themselves in nature and experience the beauty of the park at night.


Best Time to Visit Juyan Lake Wetland Park

May to October is widely considered the best time to visit Juyan Lake Wetland Park. During this period, the weather is mild and comfortable, and the water level is high, making it the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of the park. The vegetation is lush and green, providing an excellent contrast to the blue lake and the yellow sand, creating a breathtaking view. Visitors can engage in various activities such as birdwatching, hiking, boating, and fishing, among others, during this period. It is essential to note that visitors should always check the weather forecast and carry appropriate clothing and gear, especially during the peak summer months, to ensure a comfortable and safe visit.


Attractions nearby Juyan Lake Wetland Park

Heicheng Ruins: The ruins of an ancient city that was once a bustling Silk Road trade center. Visitors can explore the remains of the city walls, towers, temples, and houses, and learn about the city’s history and culture.

Gobi Desert: A vast and barren landscape that covers parts of China and Mongolia. Visitors can experience the desert scenery, sand dunes, oases, and wildlife, and engage in outdoor activities such as camel riding, sand sliding, or camping.

Populus Euphratica Forest: A natural reserve that protects the populus euphratica trees, also known as desert poplar or hero tree. Visitors can admire the golden leaves of the trees in autumn and the twisted branches in various shapes.

Inner Mongolia Ejin Banner Populus Euphratica Forest
Populus Euphratica Forest

How to Get to Juyan Lake Wetland Park

To reach Juyan Lake Wetland Park, visitors can fly to Jiuquan or Jiayuguan airport and take a car to Ejina Banner, followed by a tourist bus to the park. Alternatively, visitors can take a train to Jiuquan, Jiayuguan, or Zhangye railway stations and then drive to Ejina Banner, followed by a tourist bus to the park. Visitors should plan their itinerary and make necessary arrangements for transportation and accommodation, as well as follow the park rules and regulations to preserve the natural environment.

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