Free! Half Price! Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Explore China on the Cheap in Second Half of 2020

The admission tickets are too expensive for you? Have not had a good exploration of China? Get blocked in China due to the COVID-19? Then it’s the best time to discover China!

Free, Half Price, the attractions all over China are introducing the favorable policies on the admission tickets, most of which keep available to the end of 2020. Today, China Xian Tour collects these destinations here, if your dreamy places are on the list, why not take the opportunity to pay a visit?


Aug 01-Dec 31

All A-grade attractions across Guizhou is half-price

Travel Info:

Tickets Reservation and Purchasing: Please reserve the tickets with a 50% discount on the WeChat Public Account “一码游贵州“ while the tickets purchasing could be done online or at the window. Medical workers, CDC staffs, and village doctors are totally free to enter the attractions with the ID Card after the online reservation.

Recommended Guizhou Attractions

The peaceful villages embedded on the golden rice terraces in late September and October

Xiaoqikong (Seven Small Holes) in Qiannan (Southern Guizhou)

Fanjingshan Mountain

Zhaoxing Dong Village (China’s Largest Dong Minority Village)

Malinghe Valley



Jul 17-Dec 31

All Shanxi’s state-owned A-grade attractions are half-price from each Monday to Friday


Travel Info:

Tickets Reservation and Purchasing: Please reserve the tickets in advance on the WeChat Public Account “游山西“ and scan the QR code to enter the attractions.


Free admission tickets for National Holiday (Oct01-Oct08) are not available.

Shanxi’s Recommended Attractions:

Yungang Grottoes (2-hour high-speed train ride from Beijing, 6-hour high-speed train ride from Xian, 3-hour high-speed train ride from Pingyao)

Huayan Temple & Shanhua Temple

Hanging Temple

Yingxian Wooden Pagoda


Aug 08-Dec 31

All A-grade attractions across Hubei is half-price


Travel Info:

Tickets Reservation and Purchasing: Apart from a few of attractions that you need to reserve the tickets on spot, the most of the other attractions require to reserve the tickets online in advance on the WeChat Public Accounts “湖北文旅之声“, “湖北日报”, “长江云”, “湖北发布”.

Hubei’s Recommended Attractions:


Aug 01-Dec 31

81 state-owned attractions across Shandong provide over 50% discount (except for the public holidays)


53 A-grade attractions across Xian is free

Travel Info:

To be honest, most of the free attractions in Xian are the off-the-beaten-track. However, it does provide a great advantage for those who have a strong interest in Xian’s history and culture and want to dig out them from the local deepest corners. Xian as one of the oldest cities in the world had been chosen as the Capital for many dynasties in ancient China, 100% worthy of an in-depth visit. China Joy Tour is the expert travel supplier based in Xian providing your way to explore Xian and around cities, please feel free to contact us if you need any help!


Xian’s Recommended Attractions

#Inner Mongolia#

Available until Dec31, 2020

All A-grade attractions with the government-guided prices across Inner Mongolia provide a 50% discount


Travel Info:

Inner Mongolia introduced the reduction and remission policies to all 376 A-grade attractions. The front-line medical workers who the experience of anti-COVID-19 enjoy the free entrance tickets and the students joined in the National College Entrance Examination or the Senior School Entrance Exam also enjoy the free tickets.

Inner Mongolia’s landscapes

#Gannan, Gansu#

Jun12, 2020-the expiration date is uncertain

All attractions across the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is free

Travel Info:

Gannan Prefecture announced on June 12, 2020, that all Gannan’s attractions would carry out the free entrance tickets policy. Tourists could enter the attractions as long as they show valid documentation (ID Card, Proof of Residency). The expiration date of the policy is uncertain.

Gannan’s Recommended Attractions:


Jun12, 2020-the expiration date is uncertain

All A-grade attractions with government-guided prices in Yunnan carry out the half-price policy


Top Landscapes in Yunnan


Sep 02, 2020-the expiration date is uncertain

Many popular attractions provide free entrance tickets with different expiration dates


Travel Info:

Since Sep 02, Xinjiang reopened those outdoor attractions to the tourists, in the meantime, many attractions introduced the free entrance tickets. As so far, these places provide the following policies:

Kashgar: all A-grade attractions is free from Sep 08 to Dec 31

Altay Area (including Kanas, Keketuohai, Five-colored beaches, etc): all A-grade attractions is free from Sep 06 to November 10

Karamay: Urho Ghost City is Free

Bortala Mongol Autonomous Prefecture including Sayram Lake: 12 A-grade attractions is free from Sep 02 to Oct 31

Xinjiang’s Landscapes