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Tour Overview

Designed for those with an interest in history, this 8-day escorted tour of Xi’an offers an opportunity to gain insight into this ancient city while exploring the natural landscapes of the Shaanxi region. In Xi’an, you will enjoy the visit to the world-famous Terracotta Warriors and Horses, challenge the steep Mount Huashan, and explore the local cuisine.

This tour not only focuses on the thousand-year-old capital of Xi’an, but also extends to northern Shaanxi – Yan’an, where you’ll visit the unique Cave Dwellings and trace the footsteps of the Chinese Red Army Revolution with a knowledgeable guide, experience the majestic Hukou Waterfalls, and admire the natural work of art – Wave Valley. This Xi’an tour package takes you on a journey through the past to experience the customs of central and northern Shaanxi.

Travel destinations: Xi’an, Yan’an, Jingbian
Suitable for: History Enthusiasts
Tour type: Private

Highlights of this tour:

1. Visit the life-size Terracotta Warriors and learn about the history of the Qin Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago.

2. Conquer the world’s most precipitous mountain – Mount Huashan.

3. Learn about the legendary story of the Yellow Emperor, the founder of the Chinese nation, by visiting the Yellow Emperor’s Mausoleum.

4. Visit the world’s largest yellow waterfall – the spectacular Hukou Waterfalls.

5. Admire the unique geological formations in the breathtaking Wave Valley.

6. Taste the local snacks at Yongxingfang and learn about some of the folk culture.

Day-by-day Itinerary

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  1. Welcome to Xian, the ancient Chinese capital, with our well-designed 8-day Xian tour package! When you arrive at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport, please follow the signs to the arrival hall. Your driver and tour guide are waiting for you at the exit holding a welcome sign. You will then be escorted to your hotel for check-in.

    Xi'an, an ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, is known for its profound history and stunning night views. The rest of the day is free for you to explore local specialties at local restaurants or street food stalls on your own.

    Meal: N/A

    Accommodation: in Xian

  2. After breakfast, we'll drive for 1 hour to the Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Lintong District, the burial pit of China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang, which took 38 years to complete excavating. Known as "one of the great discoveries in the history of archaeology in the twentieth century", the Terracotta Army is dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World. Here you will see more than a thousand clay soldiers, each with their own distinctive look and demeanor. Learn the stories behind them from your knowledgeable guide.

    After lunch, proceed to Shaohua Mountain National Forest Park. Shaohua Mountain, with its main peak at 1664.4 meters above sea level, is a famous Taoist mountain range in China. It is a great place to get close to nature and spend your summer vacation, where you will enjoy the steep peaks, magical giant stones, and flying waterfalls.

    Meal: Breakfast

    Accommodation: in Xian

    Terracotta Warriors in Xian
    Terracotta Warriors in Xian

  3. You're going on an adventure today. After breakfast, your guide and driver will meet you at the hotel lobby, and then drive to Huashan Mountain, one of the Five Great Mountains of China, 120 km east of Xi'an, which has been known since ancient times as "the most precipitous mountain in the world."

    Mount Hua has five main peaks, of which the North and West Peaks can be reached by cable car; the South Peak is the highest one, 2,154.9 meters above sea level; the East Peak is famous for watching the sunrise; and the Middle Peak, aka Jade Maiden Peak, is the necessary place to go to the other four peaks, which is covered with lush woods and has a quiet environment. Today, you will have about two hours of leisure time to explore Huashan Mountain.

    Mt. Huashan in Xian
    Mt. Huashan

    After descending the mountain, we return to downtown Xi'an around evening. You will be guided to visit the Bell Tower, in the center of Xi'an, one of the landmarks of the ancient city. The Bell Tower is one of the must-see night views in Xi'an. Afterwards, it is about a 5-minute walk to the Muslim Quarter, a centuries-old Hui people gathering area filled with a strong Muslim atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy various kinds of Xi'an snacks.

    Meal: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

    Accommodation: in Xian

    Bell Tower Square Xian
    Bell Tower Square

  4. Today, your China Xian tour will be extended to Yan'an City, a city of great significance as the base of the Chinese Revolution. After breakfast, you will be escorted to visit the Yellow Emperor's Mausoleum, located in Huangling County, Yan'an City, a 2.5 to 3-hour drive.

    The Mausoleum is the place where successive emperors and celebrities worshipped the Yellow Emperor, surrounded by forests of ancient cypresses. You will learn the legendary story of the Yellow Emperor here.

    In the afternoon, we will visit Xuanyuan Temple, also known as Huangdi Temple, first built in the Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD), which is one of the main attractions in the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor, and the main place to worship the Yellow Emperor.

    It is said that the cypress tree located 2 meters to the left of the gate of Xuan Yuan Temple was planted by the Yellow Emperor himself. More than 5,000 years ago, it is the oldest cypress tree in the world. After the visit, drive to downtown Yan'an and check in.

    Meal: Breakfast + Dinner

    Accommodation: in Yan'an

  5. The Zaoyuan Revolutionary Site is the first stop on your Yan'an trip, which is a garden-style memorial site with lush trees and green grass in the courtyard. Here, you will see the former residences of Chairman Mao Zedong and other Red Army leaders who made many major decisions during the Chinese Revolution.

    Next, drive for about 2 hours to Wave Valley, a red sandstone landform 22 kilometers southeast of Jingbian County. The name is given to the rock and sand because the lines on the sand resemble waves. This scenic spot is comparable to Wave Valley in the United States. Enjoy taking incredible photos.

    After that, return to Jingbian and check in. In the evening, you can explore the northern Shaanxi cuisine, which is different from the Xi'an cuisine in central Shaanxi.

    Meal: Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner

    Accommodation: in Jingbian

    Shaanxi Valley of Waves
    Valley of Waves

  6. Today, you will visit the second-largest waterfall in China - Hukou Waterfalls. Because the Yellow River water carries a lot of sediment, this place becomes a rare yellow waterfall in the world. The Yellow River flows all the way here, and the width of the river suddenly shrinks from more than 400 meters to 50 meters, pouring down from a 20-meter-high steep cliff. Hukou Waterfall is named after its shape resembling a teapot filling up with water.

    Hukou Waterfall
    Hukou Waterfall

    Every year from July to October marks the peak flow of the Hukou Waterfall, especially in September, when the amount of water reaches the maximum value of the year. During this period, you will witness the most spectacular sight of the waterfall - mighty and surging momentum. In addition, in winter, you may see the "Icefall Spectacle". The water columns formed by the overflow from both sides of the river are like ice peaks hanging upside down from the cliffs.

    After the visit, drive back to Xi'an for the night.

    Meal: Breakfast + Lunch

    Accommodation: in Xian

  7. You will continue your China tour in Xi'an today. After breakfast, your driver will escort you to the Xi'an Ancient City Wall, which is China's one of the best-preserved ancient city walls, nearly 14 kilometers long.

    Follow your tour guide up the city wall and enjoy a panoramic view of the city. You can leisurely walk to visit a series of facilities such as corner towers, or choose to experience a bike ride (CNY 45 per person).

    Then, take a guided tour of the Shaanxi History Museum, which covers an area of 65,000 square meters and houses over 380,000 cultural relics including simple stone tools used in prehistoric times, bronze ware from the Shang and Zhou dynasties, terracotta warriors from various dynasties, gold and silver utensils from the Han and Tang dynasties, and tomb murals from Tang Dynasty. It is an excellent place to learn about the history and culture of Shaanxi and ancient Chinese civilization.

    Shaanxi History Museum in Xian
    Tri-colored glazed potteries of the Tang Dynasty in Shaanxi History Museum

    Continue your exploration to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, located inside the Daci'en Temple. The pagoda, with 7 floors and a height of 64.517 meters, was built under the auspices of the monk Xuanzang, and later stored the scriptures and statues he brought back from India.

    In the late afternoon, go to the Daming Palace Heritage Park, the imperial palace of the Tang Dynasty. The Daming Palace was the most magnificent and magnificent palace complex of the Tang Empire and the largest palace complex in the world at that time.

    Meal: Breakfast

    Accommodation: in Xian

    Big Wild Goose Pagoda Xian
    Big Wild Goose Pagoda

  8. Today is the last day of your trip to Xi'an. We will visit Yongxingfang, which is adjacent to the City Wall and gathers local specialties from Shaanxi, including provincial-level intangible cultural heritage cuisine and famous local snacks. Here, you can see the world's largest shadow puppet, Imperial Concubine Yang Shadow Puppet, standing 5 meters tall, and also experience the famous drinking ceremony - Shuaiwanjiu, which means throwing the bowl after finishing drinking.

    In the afternoon, your driver will escort you to the Xi'an Xianyang International Airport for your flight home. Safe travels! Looking forward to your next trip with us.

    Meal: Breakfast

    Accommodation: N/A

    Xian Yongxingfang Street
    Yongxingfang Food Street

Tour Price Per Person

The price varies depending on the activity, number of people, travel date, and selected hotel. Please contact us for a specific price.

Price Includes

  • 7 nights' accommodation in well-selected hotels;
  • Meals listed in the itinerary;
  • Private air-conditioned vehicle with licensed drivers;
  • Excellent local English-speaking tour guides services as mentioned in the itinerary;
  • Entrance tickets as mentioned in the itinerary;
  • 1 bottle of mineral water per person per day;
  • China Travel Insurance.

Price Excludes

  • Flight/train tickets to/off Xi'an;
  • Any optional activities inside the attractions;
  • Any item not mentioned in the itinerary;
  • Single Room Supplement;
  • All kinds of gratuities for guides, drivers & others.
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