In addition to the classic attractions like Terracotta Army, Xian City Wall, Muslim Quarter, etc. in Xian. If time allows, you still have many more places to see and experience by making Xian side trips to have a in-depth Xian Tour: Climbing Mount Huashan to witness the most steeply one of China’s Five Great Mountains in China; Doing a silk road tour to appreciate the grand beauty along ancient silk road which stretches from east china to west China; Visiting Crested Ibis Nature Reserve and Foping Giant Panda Valley to see and learn about the current situation of rare animals under first-class state protection; Exploring Longmen Grottoes and Shaolin Temple in Luoyang by round way high speed trains; Going northward to visit Yan’an to see Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River, and to pay respect to Yellow Emperor Mausoleum, the legendary ancestor of Chinese people.

Top 3 Xian Side Trips

Mt Huashan Tour

As one of the top 5 famous mountains in China, the Mt. Huashan is well known for its steep. It is about 120 kilometers in the east of Xian and it has five peaks that resemble the petals of a flower. If you want to challenge yourself, just go to climb the Mt. Huashan.

Xian Panda Tour

Panda-the National Treasure, is a kind of lovely animal that’s nearly extinct. They are white and black in color and have fat and awkward posture. If you are in Xian and you would also like to see the lovely pandas, there is no problem, they are waiting for you in Zhouzhi county and Foping. We are sure you will fall in love with these cute animals the first time you see them.

Yan’an Tour

Located in the northern part of Shaanxi province, Yan’an is a small and sleepy town which is in the heart of this region’s Loess Plateau. It was a very important base in Chinese revolution periods of the 1930s and 1940s. Tourists come here today are mainly PLA soldiers on induction trips, truly hardcore Communists, or interested foreign tourists.

Xian Ski & Hot Spring Tour

Skiing is the most interesting activity in winter season. Although it is cold outdoor, it cannot affect people’s enthusiasm of skiing. Cuihuashan Mountain and Bailuyuan are the two best ski field nearby Xian. Hot spring is one more growing highlight in Xian. With rich hot spring resource, Xian and the nearby cities have very nice hot spring sites worthy of trying.

Xian Luoyang Tour

Been the capital city for the nine ancient dynasties which includes East Zhou, East Han, West Jin, Sui, late Tang and so on, Luoyang now is a very popular destination for travelers. There are many famous places here. For example, the Longmen Grottoes which are known at home and abroad for their large numbers, massive scales, and variety of subjects, delicate carving and profound meaning. The Sh...

Xian Birds Watching Tour

Tour packages in this part focuses on introducing the seldom-see wild nirds living in natural environment, especially in Qinling Mountain ranges. Best choice for tourists who love birds and photo taking.

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