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Tour Overview

Xian teeming with history and natural beauty has always been a popular destination for both domestic and foreign visitors. On this 3-day Xian City Tour with Mt.Huashan, you will see the vivid life-size terracotta soldiers in the giant pits, have a cultural and visual feast at Shaanxi History Museum, hike the Taoism holy land Huashan Mountain to enjoy the breath-taking scenery, and stroll on the more than 600-year-old city wall imagining how it functioned in the ancient time. Airport transfer, English-speaking tour guide, driver, vehicle, admission tickets, etc. are included, which will save you a lot of unnecessary hassle and time.

Highlights of this tour:

1. Get a deep impression of the awe-inspiring life-size terracotta army and be amazed by the high level of sculpture of the ancients.
2. Ride a bike on China’s largest and best-preserved city wall and learn the fact that it was built for military defense.
3. Embark on an exciting adventure to the world’s most precipitous mountain – Mount Hua to visit Taoist temples, sculptures, carvings, and other attractions.
4. Stroll through the tranquil garden surrounding the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, which was originally built to preserve the Buddhist scriptures and statues that Xuanzang brought from India during the Tang Dynasty.

Day-by-day Itinerary

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  1. As you step off the plane before 11:00 am, the rich historical tapestry of Xian unfolds. A friendly guide awaits you at the airport, holding a sign bearing your name, ready to usher you into the heart of Chinese history. Your journey starts with an enchanting visit to one of the world's most iconic archaeological wonders - the Terracotta Warriors and Horses.

    Go back in time to the Qin Dynasty, where the remarkable Terracotta Army stands as a testament to Emperor Qin Shi Huang's grand vision. Discovered by local farmers in 1974, this subterranean army guards the mausoleum of China's first emperor, each soldier meticulously crafted and positioned with unique features, showcasing the artistic prowess of ancient artisans. Awaiting your arrival is a knowledgeable guide, ready to narrate the stories behind these life-sized clay soldiers. Witness the meticulous craftsmanship and intricate details, gaining insight into the historical and cultural significance of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Terracotta Army in Xian
    Chinaxiantour's customers in Terracotta Army

    After a delightful lunch, the journey continues to downtown Xian, where the ancient and modern seamlessly coexist.

    Drive to downtown Xian and the Ancient City Wall, a colossal architectural marvel, invites you to trace the footsteps of the past. Opt for a leisurely bike ride atop the wall, allowing the city's vibrant energy to unfold beneath you, offering a unique and panoramic perspective of Xian's historical and modern landscapes. After a great time on the City Wall, your guide and driver will take you to your downtown hotel for a good rest.

    Accommodation: Hotel booked by yourself

    Xian Ancient City Wall
    The Ancient City Wall

  2. Your guide and driver greet you in the morning. A scenic 2-hour drive takes you to the mythical Mount Huashan, a sacred Taoist mountain revered for its majestic peaks.

    Ascend to the North Peak via cable car, where your personal hiking adventure begins. The landscape unfolds, revealing Taoist temples, ancient sculptures, and intricate engravings that tell tales of centuries past. The Gold Lock Pass beckons, offering an opportunity to partake in a tradition: securing a golden lock on iron chains, a symbolic gesture for safety and well-being.

    Press on to the Middle Peak, known as Jade Maiden Peak, where an otherworldly atmosphere captivates the senses. As the day wanes, the West Peak offers a prime spot to witness the sunset, an ethereal spectacle if the weather is in your favor. Continue your journey to the East and South Peaks, breathing in the crisp, invigorating air of Mount Huashan.

    Sea of Clouds in Huashan
    Sea of Clouds in Huashan

    Reunite with your guide at the North Peak by 5:00 pm, concluding your mountain odyssey. We will descend together via cable car, reminiscing about the day's adventures.

    Lunch: Enjoy a meal prepared beforehand or opt for local delicacies on the mountain.

    At the mountain exit, your driver awaits, ready to whisk you back to your hotel, ensuring a relaxing end to an exhilarating day.

    Accommodation: Hotel booked by yourself

  3. Delight in a leisurely breakfast at your hotel as you prepare for another day of cultural immersion.

    Your friendly guide and driver will pick you up, commencing the day's journey with a visit to the Shaanxi History Museum. This treasure trove of artifacts spans thousands of years, providing a captivating glimpse into the rich history and diverse cultures that have shaped the Shaanxi region. Then, walk to marvel at the architectural splendor of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, an ancient structure that has stood witness to centuries of history. Built to house Buddhist scriptures brought from India, this pagoda stands as a symbol of cultural exchange and religious heritage.

    Indulge in a delightful lunch, savoring the flavors of the region.

    Big Wild Goose Pagoda Xian
    Big Wild Goose Pagoda

    Afterwards, take a stroll through the vibrant Bell Tower and Drum Tower Square. Admire the intricate design and historical significance of these iconic structures, which have long been central to the city's cultural and civic life. As the day draws to a close, your unforgettable 3-day Xian City Tour nears its end. Your guide will escort you to Xian airport, ensuring a seamless transition to your departure flight.

Tour Price ($=USD)

From $424 P.P, which is based on a private tour for 2 people. The price varies depending on the activity, number of people, travel date, and selected hotel.

Price includes

  • Entrance tickets as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Meal: Chinese style 2 lunches listed in the itinerary
  • Guide: Excellent English-speaking tour guides in Xian
  • Private transfers in an air-conditioned vehicle with a licensed driver
  • Travel Agency Liability Insurance during the tour
  • Government taxes

Price excludes

  • China Visas or international flights
  • Any optional activity/battery car/shuttle bus inside the attraction
  • Our package does not include travel insurance. Please purchase travel insurance before your trip for any unforeseen circumstances.
  • Accommodation
  • Gratuities to guide and driver (recommended if you are satisfied with their services)
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