“Self-driving Tour Guideline” to Be Complied by Tourism Sectors in Yangtze River Delta

In Yangtze River where the number of private car ranks the first in China, self-driving has become a third trip mode after group travel and independent travel, according to the “2012 Tourism Director of Yangtze River Delta Annual Meeting” held in Wuxi City, China’s E Jiangsu Province recently. Tourism experts said that the surge of self-driving group has brought tourism sectors a surprise, and more than 30 tourism sectors from Yangtze River Delta will jointly discuss coping mechanism, including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui provinces etc.

During the National Day Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival this year, influenced by free road toll for below-7-seats car, proportion of individual traveler soared explosively, with more than 70% proportion in AAAA Level and above scenic spots. The growth and proportion of self-driving cars in major scenic sites recorded the highest in recent years.

According to industry insiders, in self-driving age, difficulties of tourism marketing has increased. Facing the vast but inorganized groups of self-driving travelers, we must change tourism marketing strategies and explore new channels, new ways to expand the market, thereby to enable the regional tourism to keep paces of the changes of market and keep growing.

The annual meeting has reached a consensus that tourism sectors will comply a book called Self-driving Travel Guideline in Yangtze River Delta, in which some major scenic sites of this region will be included, with the aim of providing some unique and meaningful travel guidelines and services.