The Mount Emei

At Mourn Emei, or High Eyebrow Mountain, highest of the fun sacred Buddhist mountains, t~here were once 70 temples and monasteries that sheltered thousands of Buddhist monks. Pilgrims spent days climbing to the top of Mount Emei to offer prayers to the Buddha A number of temples still remain, and you can see them on your climb to the summit. The climb is tiring, the path difficult to follow n p aces (even dangerous in some sections so most visitors making he pilgrim age should consider taking a guide. Usually visitors stay overnight a one of the temple guest house, where the accommodation is, of course, rudimentary. At the summit you may see the sun rise over the famous Ocean of Clouds Late in the afternoon, around 3 :00 or 4:00, you may aim be fortunate enough to see the Precious Light of Buddha formed by the diffraction of light passing through moisture particles in the atmosphere.

“To get there you take a ferry which depots every 40 minutes from Leshan pier. The ferry passes the Great Buddha and stops at Wuyou Temple, which dates from the Tang Dynasty. There is a small museum there and some good views of the surrounding. From there it is a 15-minutes walk to the Great Buddha Temple. Alternatively there is a Bus tour from Leshan. There are also excursion tours from Chengdu by boat and by bus. These usually involve an overnight stay at Leshan.

Foreign guests usually stay at the Jiazhou Hotel or at the Jiu Ri Feng Hotel in Leshan city. Hotels used by Chinese visitors are the Dongfeng and the Jiading.

Mount Emei takes time to reach. You can either travel 125 miles south from Chengdu by road– a four-hour journeyer ake a boat down the Min River to Leshan, then travel the remaining 25 miles by car. Alternative]y, you can take the daily tourist train, departing Chengdu 6:45 A. M. and arriving at the foot of Mount Emei at 9;50 A M. The return journey departs the same day at 3:22 p.m. And arrives Chengdu 6:20 p.m. May though October is the best time to visit. Even in the hot mid-summer months, Mount Emei is coll. In winter, only the surefooted would visit, because the paths can get icy.

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