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Tour Overview

The 6-day Yunnan tour will take you to explore the cultural gems of Kunming, Dali, and Lijiang in Yunnan. Begin in Kunming, exploring the enchanting Green Lake Park and the unique Naigu Stone Forest. Travel to Dali, where you’ll encounter the ancient charm of Dali Ancient Town, experience Bai tie-dyeing, and ride along the serene Erhai Lake. Continue to Lijiang, discovering the historic Lijiang Ancient Town, ascending Lion Hill for panoramic views, and venturing to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain for breathtaking scenery and cultural encounters with the Naxi people. A spellbinding adventure awaits, filled with rich traditions and stunning landscapes.

Highlights of this tour:

1. Explore the mesmerizing Naigu Stone Forest, immersed in a sea of black stone formations, unveiling a unique geological wonder.
2. Delight in the traditional Yi village experience, strumming the Yi guitar and immersing in warm local hospitality.
3. Discover the charm of Dali Ancient Town, with its cobbled streets, Bai architecture, and captivating tie-dyeing art.
4. Ascend Lion Hill in Lijiang, capturing a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the ancient town and the surrounding landscape.
5. Soar to Spruce Meadow on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, reveling in awe-inspiring vistas and savoring Naxi delicacies.
6. Immerse in Naxi culture, learning ancient characters, experiencing shaman rituals, and savoring the rich melodies of traditional Naxi music.

Day-by-day Itinerary

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  1. Welcome to Kunming, the "City of Eternal Spring"! Upon your arrival at the airport, your friendly guide and driver will be there to greet you. After a warm welcome, you will be transferred to your comfortable hotel to check in and freshen up. Take some time to rest and relax after your journey.

    In the afternoon, we recommend exploring Green Lake Park, a delightful urban park known for its emerald-green waters and lush surroundings. As you take a leisurely stroll, you'll spot locals engaging in traditional activities such as dancing, playing musical instruments, and practicing Tai Chi. This is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the local culture and start your Yunnan adventure.

    Meal: N/A

    Accommodation: in Kunming

    Kunming Green Lake Park
    Lotus Flowers in Green Lake Park

  2. After breakfast, we will embark on a unique journey to the Naigu Stone Forest, an off-the-beaten-path gem located just outside Kunming. Unlike the more famous Stone Forest, Naigu offers a quieter and more intimate experience. As you climb to the summit, you'll be surrounded by a mesmerizing sea of black stone formations, creating an otherworldly landscape.

    Kunming Naigu Stone Forest
    Naigu Stone Forest

    After spending the morning exploring the stone forest, we will visit a charming Yi village, where the indigenous Yi people will welcome you with their warm hospitality. Here, you'll have the opportunity to try playing the Yi guitar, a traditional musical instrument that holds cultural significance for the local community. In the evening, we'll transfer you back to Kunming to catch a comfortable bullet train to Dali, a picturesque ancient city.

    Meal: Breakfast + Lunch

    Accommodation: in Dali

  3. Start your day early to explore the ancient streets of Dali Ancient Town, a well-preserved historical gem nestled at the foot of Cangshan Mountain. As you wander through the cobblestone alleys, you'll encounter traditional Bai architecture and immerse yourself in the town's rich heritage.

    Yunnan Dali Ancient Town
    Dali Ancient Town

    Afterwards, we'll venture to an authentic Bai village, where you'll have the unique opportunity to learn the art of tie-dyeing. The Bai people are renowned for their intricate tie-dye techniques, and you'll have a chance to create your own vibrant masterpiece. Following the hands-on workshop, you'll be treated to delectable home-cooked cuisine in a private Bai house, offering a taste of genuine Bai flavors. In the afternoon, enjoy a scenic bike ride along the tranquil shores of Erhai Lake, where you can soak in the serene beauty of the surroundings.

    Meal: Breakfast + Lunch

    Accommodation: in Dali

  4. After a hearty breakfast, we'll depart for the enchanting Black Dragon Pool Park, a serene sanctuary nestled against the backdrop of the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Stroll through the lush gardens and be captivated by the mesmerizing reflections of the snow-capped peaks on the sparkling waters of the pool.

    Lijiang Black Dragon Pool Yunnan
    Admire the Black Dragon Pool

    Next, we'll journey to Lijiang Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its cobblestone streets, ancient architecture, and fascinating Naxi culture. As you explore the town, you'll encounter traditional Naxi courtyard homes and vibrant marketplaces, offering an authentic glimpse into the local way of life. Later in the day, we'll ascend Lion Hill, providing a panoramic bird's-eye view of the entire town bathed in the golden hues of the setting sun. It's a truly breathtaking and unforgettable sight.

    Meal: Breakfast + Lunch

    Accommodation: in Lijiang

  5. Today, we'll embark on an unforgettable adventure to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, an awe-inspiring mountain range with soaring peaks and breathtaking scenery. Take a thrilling cable car ride to Spruce Meadow, where you'll be rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes, including the famous Blue Moon Valley. For lunch, we'll head to a local restaurant run by a hospitable Naxi family, where you'll be treated to a hearty meal featuring authentic Naxi dishes.

    Yulong Snow Mountain Yunnan
    Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang

    Afterwards, we'll visit a traditional Naxi village, where you'll have a unique opportunity to visit a shaman's house. Here, you'll learn about the mystical Naxi culture and even discover some Naxi characters, an ancient pictographic writing system. Additionally, you'll be treated to a performance of traditional Naxi music, which carries with it a sense of deep history and cultural heritage.

    Meal: Breakfast + Lunch

    Accommodation: in Lijiang

    Yunnan Lijiang Naxi Characters
    Naxi Characters - An ancient pictographic writing system

  6. On your final day in Yunnan, you'll have the morning free to relax and explore Lijiang at your own pace. Take in any last-minute sights, shop for souvenirs, or simply soak in the charming ambiance of this ancient town.

    Your driver will then escort you to the airport or train station for your onward journey to your next destination or back home.

    Meal: Breakfast

    Accommodation: N/A

Tour Price ($=USD)

From $849 P.P, which is based on a private tour for 2 people. The price varies depending on the activity, number of people, travel date, and selected hotel.


Price Includes

  • 5 nights' accommodation in well-selected hotels;
  • Meals listed in the itinerary;
  • Private air-conditioned vehicle with licensed drivers;
  • Excellent local English-speaking tour guides services as mentioned in the itinerary;
  • Entrance tickets as mentioned in the itinerary;
  • Second-class high-speed train ticket: Kunming - Dali;
  • 1 bottle of mineral water per person per day;
  • China Travel Insurance.

Price Excludes

  • Flight/train tickets to Kunming / off Lijiang;
  • Any optional activities inside the attractions;
  • Any item not mentioned in the itinerary;
  • Single Room Supplement;
  • All kinds of gratuities for guides, drivers & others.
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