Embark on a family-friendly adventure through China's captivating destinations. From exploring Beijing's historical wonders like the Forbidden City and Hutongs, to experiencing the thrill of tobogganing down the Great Wall. Discover the fascinating Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, immerse in Guilin's natural beauty, and marvel at Shanghai's modernity. This itinerary…

This 8-day classic package tour covers all the highlights in Beijing, Xian and Guilin. Join this tour you will both gain much knowledge about Chinese history, marvel at human masterpiece built in ancient time, and also experience the tranquil and elegant landscape in south China.

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On the vast land of China, one will find lots of historical relics. And one could meet lots of heart-catching sceneries. In this 8 days China small group tour, you will learn about the historical and cultural relics in Beijing and Xian, then enjoy some totally relaxing days in…

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This 7-day China tour from Beijing will lead you to explore three typical Chinese tourist destinations bearing different beauty of China: Beijing, Xian, and Guilin. You will also experience China's high-speed train and flight to connect the cities to make your trip both value of money and colorful.

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