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Matang Gejia Village – a Hidden Gem in Guizhou

Located 18 kilometers from Kaili City of Guizhou, Matang Gejia Village is a great tourist attraction surrounded by mountains. This village is home to over a hundred households of Gejia people, a minority ethnic group in Guizhou who treat themselves as the descendants of the mythological figure Houyi. Besides, they are identified as a branch of Miao by the local government, but they have their own costumes, customs, and languages.

Matang Gejia Village Facts

  • Location: Leishan County, Kaili City, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province
  • Opening Time:All day long
  • Time Needed: 3 hours
  • Best Time to Visit:Spring and autumn
  • Special experience:Learn Gejia batik
  • Ticket:Free


Matang Gejia Village
Attend a local festival

What to See and Do in Matang Gejia Village

Admire the Gejia Clothing and Embroidery

Matang Gejia Village in Guizhou is an artistic world of batik dyeing, and it mainly features colorful and bright batik with exquisite patterns. In the family of Matang Gejia Village, almost everything is decorated with batik, including clothing, curtains, quilts, and tablecloths. Generally, girls in the village start learning batik skills at the age of eight, and they become skilled at fifteen. Other than batik, people there are also good at embroidery.

Experience the Gejia Customs

In Matang Gejia Village in Kaili, people often celebrate festivals, such as the Lusheng Festival, Bench Festival, Harong Festival, and more. As Gejia people love singing and dancing, they celebrate festivals by dressing up and singing together while dancing. Besides, people in Matang Gejia Village welcome visitors with beautiful songs. It must be a wonderful experience for you to dance together with the locals on your Guizhou tours.

Visit the Gejia Cultural Museum

In Matang Gejia Village, there is a museum that exhibits a variety of batik handicrafts. Visit there, and you will be amazed by the long history of batik and the elaborate skills of the locals. Besides, you can learn and experience the batik in person in this museum, which is also a great memory on your trip to Kaili in Guizhou.

Best Time to Visit Matang Gejia Village

Matang Gejia Village is open all year round, but the best time to visit there is in spring and autumn. During these seasons, the climate is mild, and the scenery is beautiful. By the way, it is hot and humid in summer and cold and snowy in winter, so avoid getting there in these two seasons.

Getting to Matang Gejia Village

Matang Gejia Village is 18 kilometers from Kaili City, and you can take a bus from Kaili to the village. Go to Kaili Bus Station and take a bus in the direction of Yudong, Longchang, Chang’an, or Huangping and get off at Matang. Then you can walk to the village. Besides, if you want to save time, you can take a taxi to the village from Kaili.

Attractions Nearby Matang Gejia Village

Matang Gejia Village is located in Kaili, a city with many tourist attractions. Here are the top sites near the village.

  • Huangguoshu Waterfall: Located about 50 kilometers from Matang Gejia Village, this is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. What amazes touristsis that it shows different sights from different locations.
  • Dragon Palace Waterfall: Located about 60 kilometers from Matang Gejia Village, this waterfall is known for its underground cave. If you are looking for a place for hiking and camping on your Guizhoutours to Kaili, never miss this place.
  • Xijiang Miao Village: Located about 80 kilometers from Matang Gejia Village, this is the largest Miao village in China with over 1,000 households living there. It shows a stunning view in the evening when the lights are on.

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