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Zhaojun Tomb – the Resting Place of One of China’s Greatest Woman in History

Zhaojun Tomb is an important historical site in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. It honors the life and legacy of Wang Zhaojun, a famous historical figure in Western Han Dynasty. It is about 6 miles (9 kilometers) away from Hohhot.

The tomb of Zhaojun is a large earthen structure with an area of 15,550 square yards (13,000 square meters), is one of the largest Han Chinese tombs. It was originally constructed in Tang Dynasty and has undergone several renovations throughout the centuries. It stands today as a well-preserved structure of Tang architecture style.

The tomb is surrounded by gardens, has a number of pavilions and halls. Lush green grass grows here all year round, so it’s also called the Green Tomb of Wang Zhaojun. Inside, there are exhibits on her remarkable life and legacy. It is a spot that you must include in your Inner Mongonia tour to Hohhot.

Fast Facts about Zhaojun Tomb

  • Location: in the southern suburbs of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia; about 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) from Dazhao Temple
  • Hours: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Ticket price: CNY 35
  • Recommended visit time: 1-2 hours
  • Best time of the year: spring and autumn months
  • Suited to: history buffs, architecture enthusiasts, and anyone interested in Chinese culture and history.


Inner Mongolia Zhaojun Tomb
Zhaojun Tomb

History about Wang Zhaojun

The famous historical figure Wang Zhaojun lived in Western Han Dynasty of ancient China. She is known as one of the Four Greatest Beauties in Chinese history.

She was selected as a maid into the palace for her beauty. In year 33 BC, Zhaojun entered an arranged marriage to the Xiongnu leader at the time for political alliance between the Han Dynasty and the Xiongnu clan. Her marriage is considered the key to the decades of peace between the two groups afterwards.

Today, Wang Zhaojun is celebrated for her beauty, wit, and statesmanship. Her story lived on through Chinese literature, arts, music. Countless visitors travel to Hohhot in Inner Mongolia to witness Zhaojun Tomb, the priceless cultural relic.

What to See and Do in Zhaojun Tomb

Explore the Tomb: Take a walk around Wang Zhaojun Tomb. You’ll see a large bronze statue of Zhaojun and her husband on horsebacks. They are smiling and speaking to each other. It symbolizes the friendship between Han Dynasty and Xiongnu Clan.

Learn about Wang Zhaojun: Inside the tomb, there is the Zhaojun Museum where you can learn about the life and achievements of Zhaojun, including her role in promoting peace between the Han and Xiongnu clan.

Learn about Xiongnu History: There is also the Museum of Xiongnu history where you can learn about their life and culture.

Admire the Architecture: The structure of Wang Zhaojun tomb is similar to an imperial tomb of Han Dynasty. You’ll also find a marble sculpture of Zhaojun in a beautifully designed pavilion.

Enjoy the Scenery: There are a number of gardens and pavilions with flowers at Zhaojun Tomb. The view on the beautiful green hill against a blue sky is wonderful.

Watch Cultural Performances: During peak tourist seasons, you might catch traditional Mongolian cultural performances, including singing, dancing, and horseback riding.

Hohhot Zhaojun Tomb
Statue of Wang Zhaojun

How to Get to Zhaojun Tomb

If you prefer taking public transit, take bus line 1 or 2 from Hohhot Railway Station to Zhaojun Tomb. The bus ride takes roughly 30 minutes.

Or book for a taxi service from Hohhot city center to Zhaojun Tomb. Cabs are widely available throughout the city and will take you there within 20 minutes. The taxi fare will be around CNY 30.

Attractions nearby Zhaojun Tomb

  • Dazhao Templeis Hohhot’s oldest and largest Buddhist temple, located only 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) from Zhaojun Tomb. It is renowned for its “Three Marvelous Treasures”: the Silver Buddha, the carved dragons, and painted murals.
  • Inner Mongolia Museumin Hohhot houses more than 100,000 sets of collections on the history of Inner Mongolia from stone ages till modern times. Gaining a deeper understanding of the culture and history that have shaped Hohhot city will make your trip more meaningful.
  • Xilitu Zhao Templeis about 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) away from Zhaojun Tomb. It is famed for its beautiful architectural design and a stunning view of the surrounding countryside.

Recommended Hohhot Tours to Zhaojun Tomb

We can also help you with a customized tour to Zhaojun Tomb in Hohhot.


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