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Manzhouli Matryoshka Square

The Manzhouli Matryoshka Square, also known as Russian Taowa Square in Chinese, is a special attraction that showcases the fusion of Chinese, Russian, and Mongolian cultures. The square is located in Manzhouli, a city on the border of China and Russia, and spans 3,200 square meters.

Manzhouli Matryoshka Square has over 200 giant matryoshka dolls, or Russian nesting dolls, painted with various themes and patterns. Some of the dolls feature the faces of well-known figures like Vladimir Lenin and Nelson Mandela. The largest doll is a 30-meter-tall hotel that can accommodate guests. The square also has other vibrant buildings resembling iconic Russian landmarks, such as St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. Furthermore, the square has a Russian circus that provides entertainment for visitors.

  • Location: Manzhouli, Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia, China
  • Opening time: 9:00-22:30 (peak season); 9:00~17:30 (low season)
  • Ticket price: About 148RMB per person
  • Time Needed: 2-3 hours
  • Best time to visit: May to October
  • Suited to: Culture lovers, photographers, families with kids
Inner Mongolia Manzhouli Matryoshka Square
Manzhouli Matryoshka Square

What to See and Do in Manzhouli Matryoshka Square

1. Admire the Matryoshka Dolls:

The main attraction of Matryoshka Square is the collection of giant Matryoshka dolls, which are traditional Russian dolls that contain smaller dolls inside. The dolls are painted in bright colors and different designs, making them a fun and vibrant sight to see.

2. Take Photos:

Visitors can take photos with the giant dolls and in front of the various colorful buildings and structures in the square. The square’s unique and whimsical design makes it a popular spot for photography.

3. Watch the Russian circus:

The Russian circus is a popular attraction that offers visitors exciting entertainment. The circus features exotic performances, including acrobatics, magic shows, and animal performances. Visitors can enjoy the amazing skills of the performers and witness incredible feats of strength, agility, and coordination. The circus offers a unique and unforgettable experience that is sure to entertain visitors of all ages.

Inner Mongolia Manzhouli Matryoshka Square Circus
Watch the Russian circus

4. Shop for Souvenirs:

The square has several souvenir shops where visitors can buy traditional Russian items such as Matryoshka dolls, fur hats, and other local handicrafts.

5. Enjoy Local Food:

There are several food stalls and restaurants in the square that offer traditional Russian and Inner Mongolian cuisine. Visitors can enjoy local favorites such as dumplings, grilled meat skewers, and borscht.

6. Attend Festivals and Events:

Matryoshka Square hosts several festivals and events throughout the year, including the Manzhouli International Ice and Snow Festival and the Russian Culture Festival. These events offer visitors a chance to experience the local culture and traditions.


Best Time to Visit Manzhouli Matryoshka Square

Manzhouli Matryoshka Square is a popular tourist destination year-round, but the best time to visit is from June to September when the weather is mild, and the square is less crowded. During this time, visitors can enjoy the comfortable temperatures while exploring the square’s unique and colorful attractions.

July is an ideal month for those who love the prairie views, as they can witness the lush green grasslands surrounding the square. The scenery is breathtaking, and visitors can take advantage of the pleasant weather to enjoy outdoor activities.

If you want to see the snow-covered Matryoshka dolls, winter is the best time to visit. However, visitors should be prepared for the cold temperatures. Despite the chilly weather, the square’s festive atmosphere and winter activities make it a popular destination for visitors during this time.


Attractions nearby Manzhouli Matryoshka Square

  • Manzhouli Guomen Scenic Area: This white gate building is a significant attraction that marks the border between China and Russia. Visitors can witness the buildings, streets, and pedestrians of Baikalsk District in Russia from the gate, providing a unique cultural experience.
  • Border Highway: The Border Highway is a scenic road that runs along the border between China and Russia. Visitors can enjoy the stunning views of the endless grasslands on both sides of the road and see the borderline, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers.
  • Zhong’e Shangmao Pedestrian Street: This commercial street offers visitors a chance to shop and dine in various shops, restaurants, and bars. Visitors can also witness the Russian-style buildings and sculptures that add to the street’s charm and uniqueness.
  • Wedding Palace: This Gothic-style church is located on a hillside on the east side of the city. Although it is now abandoned, it remains a significant attraction where locals used to hold weddings, adding to the city’s historical and cultural significance.


How to Get to Manzhouli Matryoshka Square

By Air: Visitors can take a flight to Manzhouli Xijiao Airport, which is approximately 10 km away from the square. From there, visitors can take a taxi or bus to reach the square, which takes about 20 minutes.

By Train: Visitors can take a train to Manzhouli Railway Station, which is about 5 km away from the square. From the station, visitors can take a taxi or bus to reach the square, which takes about 15 minutes.

By Bus: Visitors can take a bus from either Hailar Bus Station or Ergun Bus Station to Manzhouli Bus Station, which takes about 4 hours or 3 hours, respectively. From there, visitors can take a taxi or bus to reach the square, which takes about 15 minutes.

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