Top Five Hot Springs in Shaanxi Province

In the cold wintertime, there is nothing better to immerse yourself in hot springs, which could not only moisture your body but also can keep your health. Why not come to the nearby hot springs and have a close contact withe the spring water? Speak of which, there are five famous hot springs in Shaanxi Province.

Huaqing Hot Springs

Currently there are over 3,000 hot springs discovered in China. Huaqing Hot Spring in Xian is known as ‘the first hot spring in China’. With a history of two or three million years, it has a persistent temperature of 43°C (109°F). It was favored by Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty and his favorite concubine Yang Yuhuan. The spring, once witnessing the romance between them, now becomes a popular spa and tourist spot. Its hydrocarbonated water is very clear and can cure diseases.

Travel tips:

1. Take Tourism Bus No.5 (306), the special route bus from Railway Station to the Terracotta Warriors via Huaqingchi Station, at the East Square of Xian Railway Station and get off at Huaqingchi Stop.
Bus fare: CNY6
Estimated Travel Time: 45mins.

2. Bus 307 from the south gate of Tang Paradise to Huaqingchi Station.
Bus fare: CNY 7

Tangyu Hot Springs in Meixian County

The Tangyu Hot Springs in Meixian County is also called “Phoenix Springs” or “West Tangyu Springs”. Located at the north foot of Taibai Mountain in Meixian, the entrance of Taibai National Forest Park, it is also known as “Taibaishan Tangyu Hot Springs”. Beijing around 100km away from Xian downtown, the Tangyu Springs is surrounded by abundant water and dense forests.

According to historical record, Yang Jian, the emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty (581 A.D.-619 A.D.) had built “Feng Quan Palace” here as the place for bath and summer resort. There is 3 big hot springs at Tangyu of Meixian County. It has a persistent temperature of 60℃. With numerous minerals such as potassium(K), sodium(Na), magnesium (Mg), Ferrum(Fe), Calcium(Ca), and iodine etc in it, the water has therapeutic effects on skin disease and arthritis.

Travel tips:

Take bus at West City Bus Station of Xian and get down at the entrance of Meixian, and then take the bus from Meixian County to Tangyu.

Tangyu Hot Springs of Lantian County

The Tangyu Hot Springs of Lantian County(north foot of Qinling Mountain) is located 20km southwest of Lantian County, 40km away of Xian downtown.

The East Tangyu Hot Springs was discovered in early Tang Dynasty(618 A.D.-907 A.D.). At the reign of Xuanzong, he went in for large-scale construction and built 5 pools of Yunv, Rongxue, Lianzhu, Cheyu and Zhuoying, and named them as “Da Xing Hot Springs”. The hot springs has great therapeutic effects on psoriasis, chronic eczema, chronic arthritis and lumbar muscle degeneration etc, which make it a rare place of spa.

Travel tips:

Take bus920 at South City Bus Station of Xian(which is called Jiaoyu Bus line), you’ll arrive at Tangyu Hot Springs.

Huashan Hot Springs

With its output temperature at 105℃, the water contains a great number of rare minerals such as strontium, iodine, fluorine and lithium etc, the Huashan hot springs has a great value for health care on cardio-cerebral-vascular system, nervous system, digestive system etc.

Travel tips:

Entrance fee: RMB169 for one adult and RMB75 for a child
Transportation: Take the bus Xian-Huayin and get down at NO. 9 Luofu toll station, and then take a taxi, 10 mins later, you’ll arrive at Huashan Hot Springs.

Xianyang Ocean Hot Springs World

Xianyan-ocean-hot-springs-world-02Located southeast of Xi’an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, Xianyang is a historical city and tourist Mecca thanks to its status as the first imperial capital of China during the Qin Dynasty (221-206 B.C.). If you are a spa enthusiast and foot massage lover, this is a must-go destination. In the city, which is abundant with hot springs, you will find more than 340 foot massage centers, and more than ten hot spring facilities, including swimming pools, spa resorts, and hot spring therapy centers. The most famous spa resort here is Xianyang Ocean Hot Spring World, which lies about four kilometers from the city center. It features amenities including different styles of spas, a sauna bath center, fitness and surfing facilities and a steam bath, to name a few.

Travel tips:

15-20km from Xian Xianyang International Airport, 20 mins ride.
25km from Xian Train Station, 40mins ride.