Xian Hot Springs

First, the water of the hot spring has many chemical elements that are beneficial to human skin and it can keep the body thin and beautiful. Second, it helps for curing muscle pain. Last, taking a hot spring bath could eliminate fatigue, relieve nervous tension and ease the stress of working. Especially after one day’s tire, it is so wonderful to relax your body in a comfortable environment.

For taking the hot spring bath, there are some tips to remember:

*Don’t spend too much time at the hot spring pool, 30 minutes will be all right.

*Drink enough water before you take it to avoid dehydration.

*After finishing the bath, it is better to take a warm shower and dry up your body and hair.

Hereunder we would like to introduce some famous hot springs in and around Xian to you.

1. Aiqinhai Hot Spring (Huaqing Aegean International Hot Spring)

The Aiqinhai Hot Spring (Sea of Aegeon Hot Spring) located in Lintong area and it is just about 2 kilo meters away from the Huaqing Hot Spring scenic spots. The famous Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses Museum is also very close to it. Generally speaking, the average consumption here is more than RMB200.

Here have 26 hot spring pools with different styles and functions. For example, the function hot spring pools have the lavender essential oil pool, the tea pool, Aloe vera pool and so on and the health care pools have the foot massage pool, the waterfall pool, pomegranate ripe wine, etc. available. The outdoor hot spring experience will make you fully feel the joy of returning to the nature.

2. Mt. Huashan Royal Hot Spring

This hot spring situated at the foot of the Mt. Huashan and it is a fabulous place for taking hot spring bath, relaxing, going on vacation and amusing. Here is a paradise for young people who want to get the feel of romantic. The temperature of the water outlet port reaches 105℃, also, the water contains rich minerals, such as iodine, sodium, fluorine, lithium, which have high health care value. The consumption per person is around RMB200.

3. Xianyang Ocean Hot Spring

Xianyang is well known for its foot massage. The Chinese always pay much attention to the health care from the ancient time. And the aim of Xianyang is to be the first imperial city of China and a famous cultural city of health maintenance. Xianyang Ocean Hot Spring is a big indoor vacation resort which has various nations’ pools, such as Roman bath, Turkish bath and Indian Buddha bath. People can experience different styles of hot spring bath from other countries without going abroad.