Huaqing Hot Spring

Located at the northern foot of Mt. Lishan in Lindong County of Shaanxi Province, 30 kilometers from Xian, Huaqing Hot Springs is a state place of interest as well as scenic spot.

According to the record, as early as the Dynasties of Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui and Tang, temporary imperial abode was constructed here. In the 6th year of Emperor Xuanzong’s Reign in the Tang Dynasty(747) it was expanded on a massive scale by turning the hot springs into bathing pools, ringing the Mount with palace buildings, which were to be protected by an outer circular defensive wall and renamed it Huaqing Palace. As the palace was built upon the hot springs, it was also called Hot Spring Pools. In 756, it was reduced to ruins by the flames of war. Most of the existing buildings were constructed in the Qing Dynasty and after the liberation of China.

Huaqing Pools is fascinating for its exquisite and picturesque scenery characterized by pink peach blossoms, green willows, dense foliage, beautiful pavilions and terraces, magnificent halls, rolling towers, winding corridors and long verandas, Jiulong(Nine Dragons) Lake is crystal clear and mirrors the pavilions and towers. There are four hot springs in the Huaqing Pool. The water is so clear that you can see down to the bottom. With an even temperature of 43 degree (109 F), the ever-flowing water of the hot spring contains minerals and organic materials that have therapeutic effects on the skin, which is good for bathing.

Huaqing Hot Spring

The story about Emperor Xuanzong– the Song of Everlasting Sorrow Bai Juyi, a great poet in the Tang Dynasty, reconts in his poem The Song of Everlasting of Sorrow, the love story of Xuan Zong, Emperor (reigned 725-768) of the TangDynasty and Yang Yuhuan(719-759), his favorite concubine. This pathetic and touching story was witnessed by the Huaqing Palace situated at the food of the Mountain Lishan during the prime time of Tang Dynasty. Xuanzong fell in love with Yang Yuhuan, a born beauty without peer and took her into the Palace as concubine. Yang was not only beautiful but also very talented in music and dancing. Xuanzong loved her very much that he even built her a Crab Aplle pool where she could take a bath. They took pleasure in the spring night behind the warm lotus- flower curtainm got drunk with wine and spring at banquet in Jade Tower, and entertained themselves in the Palace of Eternal Younth by dancing. Soon Yang was affectionate to the monarch. Then a power struggle over control of the the central government between An Lushan, Yang’s adopted son, and Yang’s brother, led to An’s rebellion in 755. Xuanzong and Yang fled from the capital to Ma Weipo before the rebels occupy the capital. Royal guards blamed Yang and her brother for the rebellion and forced Xuanzong to order their execution. The emperor had no alternative but to abdicate. The death of Yang Yuhuan made the emperor stricken with grief. After the rebellion was crushed, Tang Court moved back to the Capital Chang’an. With a broken heart, he wished to meet Yang Yuhuan every night in the palace of moon where they held each other’s hands, exchanged their lovesickness in tears and renewed their love. The large-scale real-scene historical drama.

The Song of Everlasting Sorrow is a reproduction of the moving romantic story at the very scene where the story happened. It has one prologue and nine acts belonging to four parts which respectively falling in love. The inseparable couple, A Farewell to the Lover, and Reunification in Fairyland. Against the backdrop of Mountain Lishan. Nine-dragon Lake, and other elements like pavilions, halls, colonnades, weeping willows, and green lake, the drama presents magnificent pictures of imperial temples, sparkling sky, rolling fog and brightly burning flame.

Huaqing Hot Spring

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