The Crested Ibis Nature Reserve

The reserve is located in Yang County, about 320 kilometers from Xi’an downtown. crested ibisIt was built in 1983, for protecting wild animals. In 1981, seven crested ibises are found in the Yang County and the number increases to more than 200 now.

There are so many reasons for the distinction of wild animals, for example, cutting in the forest, the damage of wetland and the use of pesticides and fertilizers. At present, a system is established to protect the wild crested ibis and 4 preservation areas are built.

There are 534 kinds of animals in the reserve, with about 70 kinds are precious ones. The best time to visit the reserve is from May to October. Crested ibises are breeding in May and visitors can see crested ibis flying on the water in October.

Crested Ibis