The Wave Alley

The Wave Valley is located 22 kilometers southeast of Jingbian county in northern Shaanxi province. It’s nearly 450 kilometers from Xian downtown, about 5 hours’ drive to get there.

Jingbian Wave Valley is a kind of red sandstone landform. The lines on the rock look much like waves, hence the name of “The Wave Valley”, which was given by a photographer who once came here. Red sandstone is also called arsenic sandstone academically, formed in an era that has the most active geology and the most flourishing vegetation. It is a miracle that The Wave Valley has such a stone landscape in this loess-covered area in northern Shaanxi.

Jingbian Wave Valley is somewhat different from the wave valley in Arizona, America. The wave valley of Arizona has white lines sandwiched between red lines on rocks, while the wave valley here is predominantly red.

Under the erosion of wind and rain, the sandstone here presents bizarre form and color, shaped like waves, waters, helix, and other different looks. The scenery also varies seen from different angles or periods of time, which always makes the visitors surprise and linger in the valley. The red color is formed mainly by the oxidation of iron and manganese, showing the artistic masterpiece of nature.