Come to Sanya to Enjoy Sun, Sand, Sea and Fun Water Activities

Endowed with sparkling blue water, clear blue sky, wide sandy beach and dense coconut forests, the city of Sanya in China’s Hainan Province is never short of picturesque seascape. It has been a popular and cherished resort for nature lovers, shell collectors and those who enjoy seafront amusements at home and abroad for a long time.



Today JoyTravel offers you some inviting choices of destinations where you can enjoy coastal sightseeing and entertainment in the hot summer. You can be fully integrated into local life by visiting primitive residential houses, chatting with hospitable local people, tasting fresh seafood, soaking up the sun and experiencing water recreation activities. Leave your everyday stresses behind among the relaxing atmosphere here!


Wuzhizhou Island in Haitang Bay — Chinas Maldives 

Nestled in Haitang Bay in the north of Sanya, Wuzhizhou Island boasts crystal clear seawater with a maximum visible depth of 27 meters (88 feet), which earns the island a reputation as China’s best diving base. It features rare and diverse wildlife such as nightlight snails, sea cucumber, lobsters, mackerel, urchins, pomfret and colorful tropical fish. It also enjoys well-preserved and fantastic coral reefs of different shapes in the seabed of its southern sea area.

Next to the pier of the hot scenic spot hides a mysterious retreat – Tenghai Fishing Village. It is a typical fishing village with just over 2,000 villagers who still rely on fishing for a living. Adjoining with the Haitang Bay, the small village, surrounded by charming natural wonders, is a good choice for leisure and holiday. Tourists can go fishing with local fishermen by boat, fully experiencing the local sea life.

The Small East Sea in China | Great Place for Diving

With rocky cape stretching out to the horizon and egret flying leisurely over the sea, the attraction known as the small East Sea in China presents a harmonious picture and forms a tranquil atmosphere of nature. It is a unique place for diving and seawater exploration in Sanya.

Tourists are able to try out night diving by nightfall. With an underwater torches, you can explore special views that can’t be seen in the daytime such as cute crabs usually hidden under stones briskly crossing the sea floor. In addition, tourists can also take a night sightseeing boat equipped with searchlight to catch the splendid underwater world through the transparent bottom of the boat, enjoying the mystery and beauty of the sea at night.



Shimei Bay | The Most Beautiful Unspoiled Bay in Hainan Province


Ranking first among the ten most beautiful bays in Hainan as early as 15 years ago, Shimei Bay is a secret wonderland with 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) of unspoiled sandy beaches and boundless crystal clear sea. In the shape of two crescents, the bay is ringed on three sides by gentle mountain slopes covered by 10 kilometers of dense forests and is embraced on one side by blue sea. Highly praised by experts from the World Tourism Organization as “the most beautiful unspoiled bay in Hainan Province”, it is endowed with luxuriant vegetation like shady coconut trees, areca and rubber trees and is also home to oddly shaped rocks and gurgling brook, which presents a pristine tropical natural scenery.

The beach in the morning is so quiet and the wind is cosy, while in the afternoon, it is very lively as many people stroll along the coast. Miles of fine sands are soft even under bare feet, and sunrise and sunset over the sea are stunning spectacles that will strike you most. It is an ideal place for tourists to take their holidays. People could soak up the sun, splash in the sea, relax on lounge chairs and play on the beach, fully immersing themselves in the serene landscape of Shimei Bay.

Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis Sanya | Best Water Playground for Thrill-Seekers

As an entertainment resort, Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis Sanya is open all year round, bringing surprising experiences and extreme levels of fun for tourists all over the world. It is a perfect amusement park for youngsters to have all sorts of adrenalin-pumping adventures and a best place for people of all ages to cool off in the hot summer heat. Ride the iconic Leap of Faith waterslide, meander through the Rapids River, shuttle in roundabout underwater tunnels and chill out while watching our entertaining live performances. You will be amazed by these exhilarating activities.


It is also provided with unique amenities like Underwater Roaming, which enables you to wander freely in the sea and explore the mystical underwater city. Visit the Lost Chambers Marine Aquarium and have an up-close contact with sharks, stingrays and colorful fish. Meet and play with dolphins and sea lions at Dolphin Cay. The marvellous marine animal encounters will be no doubt etched in your memory. Splashers offer children a thrilling playground that features plenty of water games and colorful slides. It is an unmissable choice for family tour and other group travels. Come together to enjoy your happy moments and capture a special photo with these charming creatures home!