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Mount Qingcheng – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Mount Qingcheng is located in the Sichuan Province of China, nearly 68km away from Chengdu City, so when traveling to Chengdu, Mount Qingcheng is highly recommended. Mount Qingcheng, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has an important religious and historical significance of proving China’s rich culture.

Also, Mount Qingcheng provides a unique and intriguing experience for tourists with its tranquil scenery, old Daoist temple, and picturesque hiking path. So it is a hot place for hikers and Daoism lovers.


Mount Qingcheng Facts

  • In Chinese: 青城山
  • Location: In Dujiangyan City, 68km away from Chengdu City.
  • Opening time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Ticket price: Front mountain CNY 90/person, Back mountain 20 yuan/person. For cablecar, a one-way ticket is 35 yuan per person, and a round-way ticket is 60 yuan per person.
  • Time needed: Front mountain about 4 hours, Back mountain about 6 hours.
  • The best time to visit: March to November. In Spring and Autumn, it is especially beautiful.
  • Best for: mountain people, nature lovers, Chinese culture buffs, people interested in Daoism
Sichuan Qingcheng Mountain
Qingcheng Mountain

Brief Introduction of Mount Qingcheng

Mount Qingcheng of Chengdu has a special position as the cradle of Daoism and also is one of the most important Daoist religious places. Legend in Daoism says that Huangdi was introduced to learn by Ning Fengzi on this mountain, which adds to its mythological color. Qingchengshan Mountain’s significance is recognized not only by Daoism but also by UNESCO because it is designated as a World Heritage together with the Dujiangyan Irrigation system.

Qingchengshan is divided into Front Mountain and Back Mountain. Each part has its unique scenes. Front Mountain is a treasured place of history and culture, owning rich Daoist relics, such as temples, caves, and pavilions. Tourists can experience the deep spiritual tradition by exploring the relics.

The whole Back Mountain Scenic Spot starts from Tai’an Ancient Town, which provides restaurants and hotels for tourists. Back Mountain attracts tourists by its peaceful and thrilling scene. There people can indulge themselves in the serenity of nature. It is an ideal place away from city life with fresh air and a serene environment.

Mount Qingcheng is also a Wildlife Conservation Area, and home to the deeply loved Panda. Tourists can see these lovely animals at a near distance here. Thus, it is an incredible chance to experience the Daosim culture essence, natural wonders, and the happiness of meeting pandas at one time.


What to See and Do in Mount Qingcheng

Start the Spirit Travel of Daoism:

During your Chengdu tours, you can experience the alluring glamour of Front Mountain’s ancient and respected temples in Qingcheng Mountain. When exploring famous scenes, such as Jianfu Palace, Tianshi Cave, Shangqing Palace Laojun Pavilion, etc., you can indulge yourself in the rich Daoist history and culture. Amaze at the complex construction structure, embrace the art expression, and immerse in the serene atmosphere of these sacred places.

Get to the Peak by Hiking or By Cable Car:

Along the rock steps and picturesque path, which leads to the mighty peak of Qingcheng Mountain, go a meaningful hiking and challenge yourself. From the appropriate perspective, you can thoroughly appreciate the splendor of surrounding ranges and valleys. Or if you wish to save time and energy, you can take a cable car to get to the peak quickly and easily. In a place with an elevation of 1,260 meters high, you will feel awe and serenity.

Indulge in the Natural Splendor:

In the Back Mountain, there is a waterfall, winding stream, sparking lake, an alluring cave, and a green forest. You can feel the splendor of natural scenery. Besides, the fresh air and twittering of birds can relax you. Back Mountain provides a serene heaven because you can get away from the crowds and feel the spiritual comfort there.

Meet with panda:

Explore the Front Mountain to reveal the mystery of Kungfu Panda Village, and enter into the scene corresponding with the deeply loved animation film Kungfu Panda 3 to feel its fascinating atmosphere. There, you can witness the glamour and elegance of pandas. If you like, you can participate in voluntary activities to take care of the wildlife.

Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain
Ascend to the summit by foot

Best Time to Visit Mount Qingcheng

The best time to visit Qingchengshan Mountain is from March to November. At that time, the weather is fine, the scenery is beautiful and the leaves are green.

In Spring and Autumn, blossoming flowers and vibrant leaves form a fantastic visual experience. In Summer, the cool and moist environment can make tourists enjoy the nice atmosphere created by green leaves, gurgling streams, picturesque waterfalls, and serene lakes.

However, it is recommended to avoid the peak period in July and August due to large crowds and high prices. Also in Winter, it is cold and foggy, so it isn’t recommended to visit Qingchengshan Mountain in Winter.


Comparing of Mount Qingcheng and Mount Emei

Mount Qingcheng and Mount Emei are both famous scenic spots in Sichuan and beautiful mountains in China. They have unique natural scenes and cultural meanings separately. Mount Qingcheng attracts tourists because of its serene landscape and Daoist culture.

Mount Emei attracts tourists because of its steep mountain and Buddhist culture. No matter which one, you can have a special climbing experience and feel the rich historical culture.


How to Get to Mount Qingcheng

By private car: It is convenient and flexible. If you plan to visit nearby attractions, such as Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mount Emei, etc., this traffic way is especially favorable.

By high-speed train: It is fast and efficient. Departure from Chengdu Railway Station or Xipu Railway Station, nearly 30 minutes to 1 hour later reach Mount Qingcheng Railway Station. Then you can take the No. 101 Bus to the Front Mountain of Mount Qingcheng, or take the No. 102 Bus to Back Mountain. From early morning to late night, there are frequent train services to satisfy your trip needs.

By bus: It is the cheapest way to travel to Qingchengshan Mountain. You can take a Bus from Xinnanmen Bus Station or Dongcheng Bus Station to Mount Qingcheng Bus Station. Nearly 2 hours later, after arriving at Mount Qingcheng Bus Station, you can take a taxi or bus to the scenic spot. The bus departs every 20 minutes from 7:00 to 19:00.


Nearby Attractions of Mount Qingcheng

  • Dujiangyan Irrigation System: Explore the ancient irrigation project dated back to 2,000 years ago, it is recognized as a World Heritage together with Mount Qingcheng.
  • Emei Mountain: It is one of the Chinese four Buddhist mountains, and is recognized as World Heritage. About 150 km away from Mount Qingcheng, you can get there by bus or train.
  • Bipeng Valley: In this picturesque scenic spot, you can indulge in the glamorous scenery of an alpine meadow, forest, waterfall, lake, and snow mountain. It is an ideal place for hiking, camping, photography, and skiing. About 76 km away from Mount Qingcheng, you can get there by car or by bus.
  • Jianmen Pass: An important military pass, famous for its strategic significance. Now it is cherished by its natural scenes and historical relics, including the Road to Shu, Thousand Buddha Cliff, and Jianmen Pass Museum. About 150 km away from Mount Qingcheng, you can get there by car or by bus.


Recommended Chengdu Tours with Mount Qingcheng

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