The Top 10 Classic Cycling Places in China

China is a fascinating destionation around the world boasting its splendid history and culture as well as a variety of landscapes. There are so many interesting things to do in China and we have collected the top 10 popular cycling places in the vast land which would be a perfect guide for travel to China. Cycling on the hill trails, on Xian ancient City Wall, in Huangshan old towns, in Guilin Yangshuo countryside or around beautiful lake or sea…that’s definitely a life-time experience! Let’s have a look!

  1. Eastern Taiwan

Cycling routes along Taiwan east coast and Huatung Valley are also known as coastal route and mountain route respectively. Coastal route is endowed with one of the most worthwhile natural scenery in Taiwan. Starting from Dawu Township of Taitung City, you are supposed to go ahead along the Coast Highway (Tai Line 11), with the magnificent Pacific Ocean being always with you and accompanying you to see the sun rising and down. You will pass the Damali coast, see the Kuroshio tide, hear the mountain love songs of the original inhabitants; the large and small fish harbors make you stop and taste the freshest fish catch; the famous Chingshui Cliff is also on this line, and it is the landmark of Taiwan’s landform. The mountain route has a more humanistic atmosphere. This small valley between the Central Mountains and the Coast Mountains is Taiwan’s granary. Along the way there are paddy fields, farms and ranches. Many Japanese-style towns along the way are good supply stations. In January, there are many canola flowers. Riding Huatung Valley, you will see the real Taiwanese countryside.

Tips: The riding strength of coastal route is greater than mountain route, with high slope and strong wind. Mountain line is more casual and suitable for most people.

Eastern Taiwan Cycling
  1. Xiamen Island Ring Boulevard

If there is anything to do in Xiamen, cycling around Island Ring Boulevard has been ranked in the top three. The stretch of coast from Xiamen University to Qianpu Convention and Exhibition Center, about 9 kilometers long, is called the golden coastline, and it is a green coastal promenade that combines tourism, sightseeing and leisure. Shown in front of you is a beautiful picture of the blue sky, the sea, the beach, the green space and the four seasons of flowers. You can pick a time point that is not too hot near dusk and give yourself an hour, and set off from Xiamen University at leisure. Bicycle lanes meander along the coastline. Along the way, you can see the old stage of the Holy Mother’s Palace in Zengcuo’an, and listen to the sea at Huangcuo Beach. If you are still thinking about it, Xiamen has one of the world’s only aerial bicycle lanes, with a total length of 8 kilometers. Riding on a steel structure viaduct, there are only bicycles on the road, and you can get a very special experience.

Tips: If you are a cycling enthusiast, you can also continue to ride along the extension line of Island Ring Boulevard to Wuyuan Bay. The whole journey is about 21 kilometers.

Xiamen Cycling
  1. Yangshuo Shili Gallery

Imagine that you are riding in the landscape of ink painting, and Shili Gallery is spreading around you. How can you resist this temptation? More importantly, the distance is moderate, and you will not be tired at all. Just ride out of the urban area, you will immediately feel physically and mentally comfortable. Idyllic scenery and karst peaks line up beside you, with the Jinbao River and Yulong River passing through overlapping mountains. You can stay at the Gongnong Bridge for a while, and bamboo rafts will float under it. Moon Hill is the most prominent landmark of Shili Gallery. Among them, the rocks with round holes will evolve from the full moon to the new moon as you ride. Opposite the road, Licun is a good place to watch the panorama of Moon Hill. By the way, drink some water and take some rest. There are many climbing bases in Yangshuo scattered on both sides of Shili Gallery. You may wish to add a climbing experience to your cycling trip.

Tips: Hiring bikes in Yangshuo is very convenient.

Cycle in rural Yangshuo
Biking in Yangshuo
  1. Ancient Villages in Southern Anhui

Any cyclist will slow down in the landscape of green mountains and flowing water, which is the most comfortable rhythm for exploring ancient Huizhou. You can design the shortest route to connect several famous ancient town scenic spots; you can also ride and stop as you like, go to the memorial archways scattered in the fields, and discover the little-known stories in the village; or just to catch up with the flowering season and enjoy your own sea of flowers. Don’t worry if you have no cycling experience, because the cycling green path specially designed for leisure and sightseeing by Huizhou District are easy and safe. Of course, cycling enthusiasts must go to the “Lingshan Eighteen Bends” of Chenglingqian (Chengkan-Lingshan-Qiankou) Loop Line to meet the challenge.

Tips: The major tourist cities in southern Anhui, such as Tunxi, Huizhou, Shexian, and Yixian, have urban public bicycle or bicycle rental agencies. The Huizhou green path connects major scenic areas such as Chengkan, Lingshan, Shuyuan, Tangmo, and Qiankou. There are stations near the scenic area, and bicycles can be rented and returned.

Tangmo Village
  1. The Xi’an Circumvallation

The Xi’an Circumvallation is the largest and most complete ancient city wall in China. It is 14 kilometers in a circle, and you can step on a bicycle, being stop-and-go for two hours. From time to time, a few voices of Qinqiang come from the park around city, which are served as background music when cycling. The slight jolts under the wheels became cute, but that is the historical traces of ancient bricks. Many places along the way are suitable for stopovers. Don’t forget to overlook the Big Wild Goose Pagoda when passing through the Hepingmen Gate. In the northwest corner, you can overlook the golden dome of Guangren Temple; moreover, it is most appropriate to take a photo with the station name of Xi’an Railway Station at Jiefangmen Gate. The best time to ride is the setting sun. When the night is slowly approaching, the red lanterns lit up on the city wall and the Chang’an City in the dream seems still exist.

Tips: Bicycle rental is available at several large entrances to the Xi’an Circumvallation. You can climb the city wall from the south gate, where the bicycle rental agency is the largest.

Cycle on Xian City Wall
City Wall
  1. Beijing Hutong

“Cycling on fallen leaves, seeing the sunset disappearing”, what a beautiful picture you will see when you travel in Beijing Hutong. From the large and small Hutong courtyards, you can learn about the lives of Beijing residents, including their lifestyle, life tastes and neighborhood relationships. The birth of bike sharing has added wings to the journey of Beijing Hutongs. Shichahai is a more mainstream choice. The only thing to note is not to be too close to South Luogu Lane. For more in-depth travelers, you can go to Qianmen Dashilan; in addition to the more ordinary city ecology, there are cultural highlights such as the Zhengyici Theatre, and Lao She Tea House. Enthusiasts will go straight to Niujie and follow the aroma of food to drill in and out, to find the pure Beijing taste brought by the Hui masters.

Tips: When you ask for directions, use honorifics please.

  1. Wuhan East Lake Greenway

As one of China’s largest urban lakes, Wuhan East Lake covers six times the area of Hangzhou West Lake, and the undulating scenery of the water waves shows the charm of “Province of Thousand Lakes”. East Lake Greenway is nearly 30 kilometers long completed in 2017, known as the No. 1 in the world that prohibits motor vehicles from entering, which is undoubtedly the gospel of urban cyclists. The “Lake Middle Road” on the Ten Mile Causeway is the most suitable place to enjoy the skyline reflected in the lake of the city, which is called “Eastern Chicago”. With Hushan Avenue meandering, the sun drips from the thick leaves of the plane tree, and casts the light and shadow on cyclists’ backs; the Moshan Scenic Area is now open for free, and you, riding on the undulating gentle slopes of Moshan Avenue, experience a different kind of fun; Jiaoye Avenue links the remote farmlands and wetlands, and egrets often fly by, as if racing with you.

Tips: The road conditions are very good, and shared bikes are available for your trip.

East Lake Greenway
  1. Erhai

Erhai Lake in Dali, Yunnan is undoubtedly a plateau lake worth riding around the lake, especially after the ring road has been connected, the road is in good condition and you don’t have to worry about eating and drinking along the way. Cycling clockwise from the ancient city, the first thing to see is the rural scenery of Caicun to Xizhou, and then you can see the beautiful lake view from Xizhou to Zhoucheng. The villages there are quite charming. The section from Zhoucheng to Jiangwei requires the Dali Road, which can pass the ancient Longshouguan ruins along the way. The wetland scenery from Jiangwei to Shuanglang is gentle and beautiful. There is a slope from Shuanglang, Wase to Haidong, and climbing requires physical strength. But when riding on the cliff-side ring road, you will feel like in a road movie and can alleviate your fatigue. The section from Haidong to Xiaguan and Xiaguan back to the ancient city is a bit tedious.  If you do not want to ride the bike, shuttles can stop for you and drivers are generally willing to help you with your bike, paying some deliver fee.

Tips: The Erhai Lake Ring Road is about 120 kilometers long, and people with good physical strength and experience will not have a problem in a day. Prior to the introduction of Erhai Lake ’s comprehensive ban on guesthouses, most beginner riders rode for two days, usually staying one night in Shuanglang. At present, the seaside accommodation is hard to find. Those with poor physical strength can properly plan the riding route instead of having to travel the entire journey or rent a labor-saving electric vehicle.

Erhai Lake Cycling
  1. East Line of Hainan Island

Walking among the coconut groves, you can watch the sea with the ebb and flow, sip Laoba tea and talk to the local people with strong accents. Riding on the flat and comfortable east line of Hainan Island is simply a vacation on wheels. The journey from Haikou to Sanya can be completed slowly for five days. There is no problem even if you have no plan, because almost all major cities along the route provide bike rental and off-site return services. Besides, the food of Wenchang, the beaches of Boao, and the hot springs of Xinglong will reward your untiring body every night.

Tips: Four seasons are suitable for cycling in Hainan Island. However, you certainly don’t want to run into the crowds of tourists in winter. In case you meet a tourist gathering place, you can get clean by riding a little farther. Don’t forget that you have a bicycle.

Hainan Cycling
  1. Around Qinghai Lake

Plateau, sacred lake, and Tibetan landscapes-the superb sensory configuration does not actually torture your body. As long as you are healthy, it only takes one thought to ride surrounding Qinghai Lake. Most people start from Xihai Town on the east bank and ride around the lake clockwise. The 360-km highway around the lake is flat and wide, rarely climbing. The only thing to worry about is the occasional altitude sickness. The boarding conditions of towns and villages along the way have improved significantly in recent years, and bicycle rental services that came into being have become more intimate and convenient. Cyclists can also sneak off the lake temporarily and visit Chaka Salt Lake, 80 kilometers away.

Tips: The week before and after the Qinghai Lake Cycling Race is the highlight of the lake’s elite period. The scenery on the north shore is inferior to the south shore, and you can choose to ride only the south shore.

Qinghai Lake Cycling