Roujiamo – Chinese Hamburger, The Iconic Food of Xi’an

Roujiamo, also known as Chinese Hamburger or Rougamo bread, is one of the traditional local snacks in Shaanxi Province, with Xi’an Roujiamo being the most representative one. Roujiamo means “a bun with meat in between”, boasting toasted buns with a crispy crust but soft inside as well as tender and juicy meat. It can be enjoyed in most roadside restaurants throughout Xi’an City. With its unique texture and rich nutrition, Rougamo bread has captured the hearts of both locals and numerous tourists.


Different Kinds of Roujiamo in Shaanxi

Lazhi Roujiamo

Lazhi Roujiamo is one of the traditional snacks that originated in the city of Xi’an. It perfectly combines the unique tastes of Lazhi Meat and a kind of bun named Baijimo. Top-quality pork bellies are always the main ingredient to make Lazhi Meat. A long braising with various spices enables the meat to have a tender texture and a rich flavor. Baijimo is featured with a mixed taste of crisp on the outside and soft inside. When the two meet, the crispy bun and thick flavor of the meat will make every mouthful tastier.

Tongguan Roujiamo

As its name indicates, this kind of Rougamo bread is a specialty of Tongguan – a county in Weinan, Shaanxi – and has spread throughout the whole province. What’s unique about Tongguan Roujiamo is the bun. Local people named it Qiancengbing which means “pancake with a thousand layers”.

You will be amazed by its special texture with every bite when multiple layers of crusts softly break apart in your mouth. Besides, the carefully selected pork bellies are stewed in a unique way to make the lean tender and the fat not greasy.

Xian Food Tongguan Roujiamo
Tongguan Roujiamo

Saozi Roujiamo

If you enjoy sour food the most, Saozi Rougamo Bread – originated in Baoji, Shaanxi – will perfectly match your taste. Saozi is a kind of fried sauce made of chopped pork. The soul of Saozi lies in the participation of locally-made vinegar, which can neutralize the greasy taste of the meat. For those who are not accustomed to the flavor of rich food, Saozi Rougamo Bread is definitely worth trying.


Sanqin Set Meal – Liangpi, Roujiamo & Bingfeng

When planning China Food Tours to Xian, one may find the “Sanqin Set Meal” mentioned in most tourist’ travel guides. This set meal consists of three representative local snacks, namely Rougamo bread, Liangpi (cold skin noodles with hot and sour flavor), and a bottled beverage called Bingfeng. This food combination is regarded as a delight to the taste buds and has become local people’s first choice when deciding what to eat. Many foodies would like to follow the natives’ example to try the famous “Sanqin Set Meal” to enrich their culinary experience.

Xian Food Sanqin Set Meal
Sanqin Set Meal Lazhi Roujiamo

Famous Restaurants to Eat Roujiamo in Xi’an

1. Qin Yu 秦豫肉夹馍

Dongmutoushi Branch 东木头市分店

Location: No. 19, Dongmutoushi Alley, Beilin District

Dongyangshi Branch 东羊市分店

Location: No. 5, Dongyangshi Alley, Beilin District

2. Fan Ji 樊记肉夹馍

Zhubashi Branch 竹笆市分店

Location: No. 48, West Street, Beilin District

West Juyuan Alley Branch 西举院巷分店

Location: No. 69, West Juyuan Alley, Lianhu District (200m to the northeast of Anding Gate)

Xian Restaurant Fan Ji
Fan Ji Restaurant

3. Wang Kui 王魁肉夹馍

Dongguan South Street Branch东关南街分店

Location: No. 8, South Section of Dongguan South Street, Beilin Street

Shiyuan Road Branch柿园路分店

Location: No. 92, Middle Section of Shiyuan Road, Beilin District

4. Zhao Jia 赵家肉夹馍

Xiaozhai Branch 小寨分店

Location: F1, Block A, Jinshang Cultural Plaza, Xingshansi West Street, Yatan District

Xianning Plaza Branch 咸宁广场分店

Location: F1, Xianning Plaza, Dongguan South Street, Beilin District

5. Ziwu Lu Zhang Ji 子午路张记

Fenxiang Alley Branch 粉巷分店

Location: No.46, South Street, Beilin District (400m south of the Bell Tower)

Cuihua Road Branch 翠华路分店

Location: No.227, Cuihua Road, Yanta District

Xian Roujiamo & Huntun
Roujiamo Huntun in Ziwu Lu Zhang Ji Restaurant

6. Lao Tongguan老潼关肉夹馍

Shangde Road Branch尚德路分店

Location: No. 1, 5th West Road, Xincheng District (near Exit A of Wu Lu Kou Metro Station)

Zhuque Street Branch朱雀大街分店

Location: No. 168, Zhuque Street, Yanta District