Real Color of Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Picture above shows the Terracotta Army which is familiar to people. It is majestic but flat in color. Now they look grey but it is not their original color. In the beginning they are all painted with several different colors to make them more vivid.

Since the colored drawing tends to fade easily, unearthed colored Terracotta figures are seldom exhibited. So it is difficult for normal tourists to see a Terracotta figure with remained color. Now China Xian Tour will show you several colored Terracotta figures in detail.

That is the best known colored Terracotta figures. Because his face looks green the figure is called Green-Face Kneeling Warrior. According to his posture, once he had a cross-bow in the right hand. With his right knee on the ground, he looks well prepared to join in a battle. The relatively well preserved color wins the green-face warriors great fame. And among all the unearthed 2000 terracotta warriors he is the only one with green face.

Then why does this figure wears green face? Some people think he is necromancer in the troop, some people said the green face is to threaten enemy, and others guess the figure’s face color look strange just because the flesh-color was used up and the workers used green in stead.

Even in 2000 years later, the remained colors can still help us recognize the figure’s eyeball and white part of the eye.

Besides the remained color on his face, the color in other parts of the Kneeling  Warrior’s body release more about the Terracotta Warriors when they were newly made in 2000 years ago.

The red hair band beneath the hair bob.

Surrounding the neck isn’t a scarf. It is the blue collar of his jerkin.

His hand is the normal flesh-color instead of green. The jerkin seems to be blue but the cuff is decorated with green and brown patterns.

The pants are green. It create an interesting match with the blue jerkin and the green face. The shoes are puce. It looks like nowadays leather shoe. Right?

Here below is one more famous colored terracotta figure – the smiling general

That terracotta figure is called General Warrior. There are only 10 general warriors unearthed in the terracotta pits. Each of them is the national grade one cultural relics. Two hand of the general are put together and place in front of belly. There used to be a sword in his hand. You may raise a question: Where is the color?

Please see the general’s back

Please pay attention to his waist. Let’s have a close look:

The armour’s edge still remains clear visible rhombus patterns. Their color are still bright.

Maybe it is still far less to help us understand the original color of Terracotta figures when they were buried. Look! The Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum made two fully colored reproductions of terracotta figures to present their original mien.

What to learn more about Terracotta Warriors and Horses? Please just start planning your Xian tour! A Terracotta Warriors tour will be definitely impress you.

(Pictures are from staff of Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum )