Xi’an Weather in November

What’s the Weather in Xi’an in November

The autumn in Xi’an gradually comes to an end in November, and the winter season will come by late November. Xi’an weather in November could be cold and dry. Sometimes you might see the first snow in this city at the end of November. The temperature drops significantly, with a daytime high of 12 °C (53.6 °F). At night, Xi’an weather in November will be chilly and windy.


What to Wear in Xi’an in November

Padded jackets, sweaters, wool overcoats, pea coats, short boots are appropriate clothes to wear in Xi’an in November. If you plan to take a walk in the evening, you may also need a hat and gloves. Masks are essential in smoggy weather.


Where to Go in Xi’an in November

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November is the off-season for tourism in Xi’an. It is not the best time to visit Xi’an, but it’s a good choice for budget travelers on account of the relatively cheap price of accommodation and transportation.

Shaanxi History Museum
Shaanxi History Museum


Enjoy the fascinating ginkgo forests at Hanyangling Mausoleum or Ancient Guanyin Temple. Take your camera and catch the breathtaking natural picture scroll of layers of golden yellow ginkgo leaves.


Some famous indoor attractions are quite popular in Xi’an in November. Watch the spectacle Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Performance at the Tang Dynasty Palace, appreciate the exquisite murals from Tang Dynasty (618-907) in Shannxi History Museum, visit the magnificent life-size Terracotta Warriors with fewer crowds.


Bathing in hot springs is one of the most comfortable things in Xi’an in November. After visiting the splendid Tang Dynasty architecture in Huaqing Pool, you can enjoy hot spring in the scenic area to fully relax.


Tips to Know for Traveling Xian in November

Skincare is necessary to protect your face from dryness and coldness in the arid Xi’an climate in November.