Xi’an Weather in January

Xian Climate & Temperature in January


In general, January can be considered as the coldest month of the year in Xi’an. The weather is typically chilly and very dry, with a mean temperature of 0 ºC (32 ºF) and the lowest temperature sometimes dropping below -5 ºC (23 ºF). The maximum Xi’an temperature in January can reach 9 ºC (48.2 ºF) during the daytime. It snows occasionally, and the road may freeze after heavy snow, so be careful while driving or walking.


Xi’an climate in January is arid with an average humidity of 62%. There are 4.6 hours of sunshine each day on average, and the visibility in this ancient city is quite low due to the frequent haze in January.



What to Wear in Xian in January

In view of the cold Xi’an weather in January, you are suggested to wear layers to keep warm. Down coats, padded jackets, thick sweaters, and woolen pants are appropriate clothes to wear in Xi’an in January. In addition, hats, scarves, and anti-haze masks are recommended when hanging out in the evening. There is no great temperature difference between day and night, which means that you need to wear warm clothes even during sunny days.


Where to Go & Tips for Traveling Xian in January

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The bleak Xi’an weather in January attracts fewer tourists, which gives you the opportunity to visit some of the best places in Xi’an at a relatively cheap price of the entrance ticket. Indoor activities are first recommended. You can visit the Shaanxi History Museum, which holds three permanent galleries here, showing antiques from prehistoric to modern times.


If you’re interested in ancient Chinese calligraphy, you are advised to see the Stele Forest, a museum where you can learn about the evolutionary history of Chinese characters through over 4,000 stone tablets.

Xi'an Terracotta Army
Terracotta Army

It’s also a good choice to pay a visit to the Terracotta Warriors in January when there are few visitors and you are allowed to get an up-close look at the life-size warriors, chariots, and horses.


Outdoor activities are also one of the best things to do in Xi’an in January, including going skiing in Cuihua Mountain Ski Resort – the only natural ski resort in Xi’an where you can also see the wonderful skiing stunt performance; and enjoying the hot spring in Tangyu Hot Springs – largest outdoor hot spring resort in Northwest China.


The facial cream is necessary to keep moist because of the rather dry air in Xi’an in January. Traffic starts to get busy as the Spring Festival Travel Rush usually starts at the end of January when it is hard to get air and train tickets. So, you are highly recommended to plan your itinerary in advance.