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The Guanshan Pastureland

Spreading out in the Longxian County of Shaanxi Province, the Guanshan Pastureland has always been known as the ” Little Tianshan Mountains. ” With its geomorphic terrain looking roughly the same as the Alps in the middle of Europe it is featured with secluded brooks trod pools of water and grasslands intermingling with forests. Dotted here and there on the pastureland with herds of horses and cattle the vast expanse of the land is carpeted with lush green, presenting an ever so charming scenic vista.

Affected by the geographical belts vertically disposed the climate here finds no distinctive winter and spring nor any noticeable change between summer and autumn, hence described as you’ll feel “ frost bites even in the sixth lunar month at the Guanshan Pastureland.” Known as a horse-raising place of Qin Feizi since ancient times, Guanshan is the largest area for grazing and afforestation in Shaanxi Province. It is the largest and only grassland endowed by nature spreading out in the mid-east of the inland areas of China and so the area was listed in 1995 as a nature reserve under the protection of the province.

The Guanshan Pastureland

As here is a fill-in-vacancy in China’s tourism industry in between the southeast coast and the hinterland areas the province decided in 1997 to make it a key spot for tourism development. Now dotted in the scenic area are such attractions as die Symbolic Tower. Qin Feizi’s Horse Grazing Land, Ruins of Lata County, Cavalry Training Reviewing Stand of Han and Tang Dynasties, Platform for Enjoying Scenic Views (Belvedere), Shooting Ground, Mongolian Yurts and Amuse and so on. All installations and activities have so far been initially developed, arresting throngs of tourists to come one in wake of the other from home and abroad.

Up to now deployed round the service center is an area for horsemanship activities, a high-grade resort for holidaymakers, an area for water amusement and an agro-pastoral area for sightseeing. The Guanshan Pastureland is surely an ideal tourists venue for leisure in Shaanxi Province.