Xian Railway Station

Xian Railway Station is located just outside the northeast corner of Xian City Wall. The main road “Jiefang Road” ends at Xian Train Station at its north tip and connects the Dong Dajie (East Street) at its south tip. The trains at Xian Railway Station are well connected to the rest of the country by T and Z trains. For visitors travel to Xian from Bejing, taking trains is a good choice to experience train ride in China and save hotel expense. Xian is the starting point of ancient Silk Road and the hometown of Terracotta Army. Nowadays Xian Railway Station is one of the top ten transportation hubs in China. It is the key hub that connects northwest and southwest of China with other parts of China. Trains departing from Xian could reach all provincial capital cities and municipalities under the Central Government.

Xian Railway Station

Xian Railway Station was originally built in the year 1935 during the Republic of China before the establishment of new China.

To meet the need of an increasing number of passengers, Xian Railway Station has been enlarged from the year 1984 to 1990. Today’s Railway Station consists of two ticket halls, waiting halls, luggage sending hall and receiving hall. Surrounding the train station there are many fast-food restaurants and local restaurants where tourists could enjoy local food when waiting for trains or when getting off the train. Within the waiting hall there is a waiting area for special passengers like mother and baby, VIP passengers, businessmen, and so on. The waiting hall has a maximum capacity of 7000 people. On east next to the waiting hall is the ticket hall. And there are 60 ticket windows at service each day.

Outside the main building of the train station are a square which is 150 meters wide from south to north and 410 meters long from east to west.

People who take the Metro Line 1 get off Metro at Wulukou Station and walk about 800 meters northward will arrive at Xian train station. And the Metro Line 4, which will be built later will have a station at Xian Train Station. From 2018, tourists could directly take the Metro from the train station to downtown hotel.

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