Muslim Quarter

The Muslim Quarter behind Drum Tower is the most famous food street in Xian. It consists of Islamic food area, ethnic group shopping center, Great mosque and living area of Hui people. It is a place distinct for its delicious food and Islamic culture, with a history of more than 1000 years. The streets are paved by gray flagstone and the buildings are of Ming style. About 2000 years ago in the Han Dynasty after the opening of Silk Road, Changan welcomed the first Muslims: Muslim businessmen, envoys, and students. According to record, they traveled to Changan through Silk Road and studied, worked or ran business in Changan. Because of the same religious faith, the Muslims settled in the same block and gradually today’s Muslim Quarter came into being. Today most residents in Muslim Quarter are descendants of the ancient immigrants from west Asia after opening of Silk Road. Muslim Quarter can be regarded as a mini Muslim World in Xian.

Muslim Quarter

There are ten several Mosques in the quarter and 60,000 Hui People live nearby the mosques. They are still keeping their religious tradition and living habits. Besides, there are other ethnic groups in the quarter, with multi-cultural atmosphere and special historical values of their nationality. Among the Mosques, the largest and most famous one is the Great Mosque in Huajue Lane. Besides the Great Mosque, Gao Family Courtyard in the street is also worthy of visiting for tourists who have interest in ancient Chinese residence style.

As a place famous for its food, the quarter is full of all kinds of restaurants, in which time-honored brands are included. People could either eat in the restaurant or bring it outside to eat when walking. Moreover, it is a pleasure with all kinds of local flavors in hands when walking. To add up, when coming across desirable objects, bargain can bring one another kind of delight. A good bargainer could settle the business with 80% labeled price.

The food in the street is of north and west flavor, in which crude pancake in mutton soup, cold rice noodles, Chinese hamburger, Qishan noodles are famous Shaanxi food. The time-honored brands for crude pancake in mutton soup are Laosunjia, which is located in the west of Dongguanzheng Street, Tongshegnxiang, which is located in the square of Bell Tower and Drum Tower, which is a brand of beverage and is located in the Beiguangji Street, and Jiasan Guantangbao, a famous soup dumpling restaurant locating in Xiyangshi.

Besides, there are other local flavors: Xi’an small cakes, Shaanxi pasta, Rice cake, etc. And in the street, most are beef and mutton products, in which the roast beef is especially delicious.

Muslim Quarter

Entrance fee: free

Opening hours: All day

Public Transportation: Zhonglou Station of Metro Line 2, Bus No. 215, No.7, No.15, No.222, etc.

Tips for Muslim Quarter Visiting:
1.If your hotel is nearby Bell Tower, we recommend you visit at night. When it is less
crowded than day time. And the night view here is even better than day time.
2.Please take care when you try local snacks in Muslim quarter. The snacks are usually spicy and the sanitary condition of roadside stands may not be satisfying.
3. Please try to bargain when buying handicrafts or tourist souvenirs. The labeled price is usually higher than exhaust price.

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