Qian County Jellied Bean Curd (Tofu)

Jellied bean curd, as one of the most common Chinese breakfasts, has a nationwide fame. Although it is common in the whole country, Qian County Jellied Bean Curd keeps a special position, which may be accounted for by three reasons.

The first reason is that there are strict rules about the ingredients of Qian County Jellied Bean Curd. It mainly is made up by river water, spring water and some made up by tap water in the recent years. As the major material, soybeans definitely are qualified with strict conditions—big, healthy and plump. In the process of tofu jelly making, the soybeans mixed with river or spring water should be grinded by stone mill.

Qian County Jellied Bean Curd

The second reason is that there are strict procedures for jellied bean curd making in Qian County. Grind the soybeans and peel their skin off then dip them into water until the beans grow white. Next, put beans into the stones mill and grind them into fine thick liquid, filter the liguid with gauze, then it would grow into milk. Later, heat the milk and repeat to spoon up and pour it back into the pan for several times then put it into a barrel, add gypsum water. After five minutes, Qian County Jellied Bean Curd is down. Adding different flavor into tofu jelly according to personal taste is the last step.

The third reason is its time-honored history. It is in the reign of emperor Yongzheng that Qain County Jellied Bean Curd started to win its reputation. It is said that the senior general Gengyao Nian, a foul-tempered man, kept a habit for enjoying food. With all famous and rare food and dishes lost their attractions for Nian, Qian County Jellied Bean Curd was recommended to him and then saved his appetite as well as the lives of his innocent cooks. Because he really killed several cooks after the people from Qain County who cooked tofu jelly well left for his hometown —they couldn’t make the original tofu jelly as the people of Qain County. Therefore Qain County jellied Bean Curd had a nationwide name afterwards.