Xidi Ancient Village
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Xidi Ancient Village

Xidi Ancient Village, located at the south foot of Yellow Mountain, is only 40 kilometers away from Yellow Mountain scenic spot, which is known as “a family in the paradise” due to its attractive natural landscape. It was built in the Song dynasty, developed in the middle of Ming dynasty and flourished in the early Qing dynasty. All surfaces of streets here are paved with the blue flagstones, and the simple and elegant buildings are mainly made of the structure of wood, brick wall with the rich and colorful wood carving, stone carving and brick carving, which shows the outstanding talent and achievements of the local people in the aspect of environment construction.

Basic Facts about the Xidi Ancient Village:

  • Xidi Ancient Village is an ancient village withclan blood relationship as the link,and the majority residents in the village have the same last name–Hu. The village started in the 11th century, and its development reached the peak from 14th to 19th century. In the early 20th century, with the disintegration of China’s feudal patriarchal system, the development of it slowed down the pace. Due to the fact that it was less invaded by wars or impacted by economic development in history, the original form of the village was well preserved, and the authenticity and integrity of historical development were maintained. Therefore, visitors could experience the vicissitude of history as well as the rich culture.
  • Xidi Ancient Villageis the most representative ancient residentialhouses tourist attractions in Huangshan city. The village is 700 meters long from east to west and 300 meters wide from north to south. Because there is a river flowing towards the west and an ancient courier station sending things, so it was named as “Xidi”. Surrounded by mountains, Xidi village has two streams that flow from the north and east of the village and converge at the Huiyuan bridge.
  • The overall layout and architectural style of the Xidi Ancient village well followsthe features of the Ming and Qing dynasties. There are three ancestral halls and one memorial archway built between the 14th and19th century, 224 well-preserved ancient residential buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as the 99 antique lanes whichmay make visitors feel like walking through a maze.
  • Stone carving, wood carving and brick carving are the “three wonders” of Xidi ancient village, which are also the necessary decoration of residential houses. The majority of carvings in the Ming and Qing dynasties styleare famous for their delicacy and vividness, and visitors can appreciatethese exquisite carvings on door frames, lattice walls or beams.

How to Buy Entrance Ticket:

  • Price of ticket:
Admission Fee CNY 104
  • Opening time: 07:00-21:00

When is the best time to visit?

The best time for touring in Hongcun Ancient Village is March to November. As during these months, the weather is pleasant and the natural landscape is fascinating, which attracts many visitors to come here and appreciate the picturesque view.

Tips: Visitors had better avoid the official holiday in China, because many Chinese citizens choose to travel on official holidays to ease the pressure of their work. As a result, many Chinese tourist attractions are overcrowded and traffic jams are common. Therefore, visiting China at this time will bring tourists a less pleasant travel experience.

Official Holidays in China

Chinese New Year Around January or February
Winter vacation January-February
Labor Day May1st -3rd
Summer vacation(for students) July-August31st
Mid-Autumn Festival Around mid-September
National Day October 1st-7th

How to get to the Xidi Ancient Village?

There are buses available for visitors at Qian County bus station, Huangshan Bus Terminal (Tunxi Bus Station) and Huangshan scenic spot transfer center of Tangkou town.

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