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BaksumTso Lake – the “Small Swedish” in Tibet

Baksumtso Lake is a famous holy lake and holy place for Tibetan Red Hats, meaning “green water” in Tibet language. Located at the deep canyon of upstream of Ba River, Nyin Chi Region, Baksumtso Lake covers about 4000 hectares and 3700 meters over than the sea level. It has been listed as “National Scenic Spot” by China and “World Tourist Attraction” by World Tourism Organization in 1994, National AAAA Tourist Attraction in 2000.

Baksumtso Lake is hailed as “Small Swedish” due to its paradise-on-earth-like scenery which collects snowy mountains, lakes, forests, waterfall, pastures and historical relics together. Those beautiful scenes has been attracting endless travelers to be here, let alone its changeable pretty appearance in different seasons and abundant wild flora and fauna. Travelers usually appreciate the beauty here by viewing some main scenic spots which demonstrate the gorgeous charm of noble Baksumtso Lake.

The first dazzling scenic spot of the Lake is its area all surrounded by primitive ecology. It is the most outstanding point of Baksumtso that the lake is green. Embraced by the dense primitive forest and all-year’s snowy peaks, the lake pampers fishes chasing and playing with each other in the clear and pure water, other animals living and enjoying their life on the earth here, and also the people who come here to seek amusement and relaxation. Both the lake and mountains stretch to the endless vista and badger with each other together at the remote skyline.

The most interesting spot of the Lake is the Mid-lake Island (also called Tashi Island). The legends of it blossom all over the island. There is a monastery standing here for more than 1500 years, worshipping Padma Sambhava and hold an important place as a typical Tibetan monastery of Red Sect. Walking around the island clockwise, you will behold the print of King Gesar’s war horse, print of swords beheading, the holy spring for Padma Sambhava to wash face, former platform for water burial……It seems there is a mysterious story under each of your step on the island.

Another story regarding this Mid-lake Island is that the island is said to float on the water but not root at the lake bottom. People come here could take a boat or walk through a wood gallery road to reach the island.

One more thing people could never miss here is the magnificent snowy mountains embracing the lake. Viewing the beauty of Baksumtso, you hardly ignore the majestic white peaks around the lake glittering and shinning a rosy hue when the sun climbs our form the skyline. Besides the grandness of the snowy hills, there also the colorful flowers and green dense trees embedded at here and there of the lake zone, which enchants the visitors to think there as paradise and not leave anymore.

Jieba Village is right at the scenic area of Baksumtso, small but friendly, a little similarity of small Swedish towns. It is the best choice for people who would like stay some time at the lake. There are clean and good family inns which offer the warm service to the comers.

Open Time: 07:00-18:00

Entrance fee:

CNY120 per person in peak season (May-October)

CNY60 per person in low season (November-April)

Sightseeing bus: CNY50 for per person

Travel Tips:

  1. The best time to travel here is in autumn when the temperatureis proper and the plants covered here is colorful and eyeable.
  2. With the better development of tourism in Baksumtso Lake, the accommodation here is convenient but sanitation facilities cannot be as good as in big cities.

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