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Chamdo Town – A Pearl on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Chamdo Town, located at the east part of Tibet, bears the name “A pearl of east of Tibet” because it’s double advantage—the economic center of the east of Tibet and a place which collects many famous attractions here. This town, with its special geographical location—sitting on the junction of Hengduan Mountain, Jinsha River, Lancang River (a branch of Mekong in China) and Nujiang River, which allows it splendid natural scenery and the deep historical view sight, attracts a great number of people to come for visit from home and abroad every year.

Chamdo Town is one of the necessary pass ways to go to Tibet from Sichuan Province, Yunnan Province and Qinghai Province, the unique location grants it with attention and support from the local and central government to develop its economy, meanwhile, it also is endowed by the nature with beautiful and magnificent scenery. Jampaling Monastery, Karo Ruins, Zezhol Monastery and Ranwu Lake, all these attractions are here just like bright pearls embedded on this beautiful land.

From May to June and September to October, Chamdo will welcome its best time for travelling. As it bears high altitudes and complex geographical location, between November to next March, there will be covered with thick pure snow in Chamdo, which though looks beautiful but roads covered by snow are quite dangerous for the cars and the coldness is also harmful for travelers’ health; and in July and August it will keep long-term rainy day which easily creates debris flows and collapses. Therefore, people are suggested to do the exploration here in late spring and early autumn.

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