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Tour Overview

Both Chengdu and Xian are must-visit tourist attractions in China. Panda and Terracotta Warriors are two of the most representative things of the China tour. With the opening of the Chengdu – Xian bullet train, transportation between the two cities is much more convenient. Taking this 5 Days Chengdu Xian Tour, you will spend 2 days in Chengdu and 3 days in Xian to discover the best highlights of the 2 cities.

Highlights of this tour:

1. Take a close encounter with the lovely baby pandas in Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Center.
2. Experience romance and leisure, and culture of the Three Kingdoms and Chengdu folk customs in the charming block–Jinli Old Street.
3. Explore the most influential Three Kingdoms Heritage Museum in the country.
4. Marvel at the grand Terracotta Warriors and Horses and explore the long history of Xian.
5. Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda which has over 1300 years history and preserves the Buddhist relics.
6. Discover the largest and best-preserved ancient city wall in China by cycling or strolling on it.

Day-by-day Itinerary

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  1. Our guide and driver will be waiting for you at the exit of Chengdu airport/train station by holding a welcome sign with your name. Then, you will be transferred to the hotel for check-in.

    After a short rest, you will be escorted to visit Jinli Old Street. That street used to be one of the oldest and busiest commercial streets in Shu Kingdom. On that street, tourists will see some typical elements of the Chengdu lifestyle, e.g., tea houses, taverns, bars, local snacks, handicrafts, local specialties, etc.

    In the evening you will try some tasty Sichuan Food at a local restaurant. Sichuan Food is one of the Eight Main Cuisines in China. Your taste buds will be satisfied by the local Sichuan food. Afterward, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

    Accommodation: Chengdu Hotel (Centrally located)

    Chengdu Jinli Pedestrian Street
    Jinli Pedestrian Street

  2. After breakfast, you will be escorted to the No. 1 highlight of Chengdu: Chengdu Panda Base. The panda, revered as China's national treasure and renowned for its adorable nature, brings joy to many just by watching them eat and play. Seize the opportunity to witness these endearing creatures up close at Chengdu Panda Base, the world's largest panda facility housing over 50 pandas. Spend approximately 2 hours delighting in the company of these charming animals. Following this, visit Wuhou Temple, the singular temple in China dedicated to both Emperor Liu Bei and his courtiers, including Zhuge Liang and other heroes from the Kingdom of Shu. It stands as the most influential heritage museum of The Three Kingdoms period.

    Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant.

    In the afternoon,  you will be transferred to Chengdu East Train Station for a high-speed train to Xian. Upon your arrival, the Xian local driver will greet you at the exit and then transfer you to your hotel for check-in.

    Accommodation: Xian Hotel (Centrally located)

    Chengdu Pandas
    Baby Pandas in Chengdu Giant Panda Base

  3. In the morning, enjoy a fascinating visit to the renowned Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses. Located in the Lintong District of Xi'an, this archaeological marvel is a part of the mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Your journey begins with a comfortable transfer from your hotel to the site. Upon arrival, marvel at the thousands of life-sized clay soldiers and horses that were buried with the emperor to accompany him in the afterlife. Wander through the three main pits, each revealing different aspects of the ancient army. Expert guides will provide insights into the history and significance of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, allowing you to appreciate the craftsmanship and historical importance of these intricate sculptures.

    After a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, head to the heart of Xi'an to explore the Ancient City Wall. This well-preserved fortification surrounds the old city, offering a unique perspective on the city's history and modern life. You have the option to embark on an exhilarating bike ride along the wall, providing panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. The Ancient City Wall, dating back to the Ming Dynasty, boasts watchtowers and gates that add to its charm. If biking isn't your preference, you can take a leisurely stroll along the wall, soaking in the atmosphere and admiring the architectural brilliance of this ancient structure.

    As the afternoon comes to a close, you will be transferred back to your hotel.

    Accommodation: Xian Hotel (Centrally located)

    Terracotta Army
    Terracotta Army

  4. Begin your day by exploring the awe-inspiring Big Wild Goose Pagoda. As the morning sun casts a warm glow on this ancient structure, take in the spiritual ambiance and marvel at the intricate details of its architecture. Engage with the serene surroundings and perhaps join a brief meditation session to start your day on a tranquil note. Following the visit to the pagoda, delve into the fascinating exhibits of the Shaanxi History Museum. Your guided tour will unveil the rich tapestry of Shaanxi's past, showcasing artifacts ranging from pottery to imperial treasures. Gain insights into the dynasties that shaped the region, and appreciate the historical significance of each exhibit in this comprehensive museum.

    Shaanxi History Museum in Xian
    Tri-colored glazed potteries of the Tang Dynasty in Shaanxi History Museum

    Indulge in a delightful lunch at a local restaurant, where the flavors of Shaanxi cuisine will tantalize your taste buds. From Biang Biang noodles to Roujiamo (Chinese hamburger), savor the authenticity of local dishes that reflect the unique culinary heritage of the region.

    In the afternoon, head to the vibrant Bell and Drum Tower Square. You can optionally ascend the towers for panoramic views of Xi'an and witness the ancient timekeeping rituals performed by the massive bells and drums. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the square, where modernity seamlessly blends with historical charm. Conclude your day with a leisurely walk through the enchanting Muslim Quarter. Navigate the narrow streets filled with vibrant markets, fragrant spices, and the rhythmic sounds of craftsmen at work. Indulge in local street food delicacies, from lamb skewers to persimmon cakes, and absorb the cultural diversity of this lively quarter. After that, return to your hotel.

    Accommodation: Xian Hotel (Centrally located)

    Bell Tower Square Xian
    Bell Tower Square

  5. At the appointed time, our driver will meet you at your hotel lobby and then transfer you to the train station/airport for departure. Your 5-Day Chengdu Xian Tour ends here.

Tour Price Per Person ($=USD)

The price varies depending on the activity, number of people, travel date, and selected hotel. Please contact us for a specific price.


Price includes

  • 2nd class ticket for high-speed train Chengdu-Xian
  • All entrance tickets as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Chinese style lunch as noted in itinerary
  • All private transfers between airports, train stations, hotels, and scenic spots as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Air-conditioned car and driver
  • English-speaking tour guide
  • 4 nights accommodation with daily breakfast

Price excludes

  • All personal cost
  • Gratuities (highly recommended)
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