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Libo Ancient Town: All You Should Know Before You Go

Located in Libo County of Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Libo Ancient Town has become a popular tourist attraction in Guizhou. It mainly features Chinese traditional architecture and garden art, including stone bridges, ancestral halls, and ancient temples. Besides, it is home to four main ethnic groups, including Shui, Buyi, Miao, and Yao.

Reconstructed on the former site of Libo Stone City, Libo Ancient Town is a great place for cultural enthusiasts and history lovers. If you are interested in this ancient town and plan to visit there, we can customize your Guizhou tours to Libo Ancient Town, ensuring an unforgettable travel experience.

Libo Ancient Town Facts

  • Location:Yuping Town, Libo County, Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province
  • Opening time: All daylong
  • Ticket:Free
  • Time needed:About 2 hours
  • Best time to visit:All year round
  • Suited to: Anyone interested in traditional Chinese architectures and cultures of minority ethnic groups
Guizhou Libo Ancient Town
Libo Ancient Town

What to See and Do in Libo Ancient Town

Explore the Historical and Cultural Relics

Libo Ancient Town greets you with a variety of historical relics. Wandering in the ancient town, you will find traditional Chinese styles of architecture, ancient walls with paintings, exquisite temples, and ancestral halls. Beside, you can walk on the stone bridges and catch a glimpse of the past of the ancient town.

Experience Local Customs

As Libo Ancient Town is a place where Shui, Buyi, Miao, and Yao people have lived for generations, they have created rich ethnic cultures and quaint customs. In this ancient town, you will find custom zones designed according to different ethnic characteristics and meet men and women in Libo Ancient Town dressed in local costumes. Just come over there to attend the interesting activities and learn about their traditions.

Try Local Specialties and Snacks

Never miss the local specialties and snacks on your travel to Libo in Guizhou. Libo Ancient Town treats tourists with a variety of delicious food, including luring fish soup, bayberry juice, rice tofu, rice wine, and bamboo rice. Besides, there are also tea houses and bars, you can visit them in the evening. Furthermore, shops for souvenirs are there for you to explore.


Guizhou Libo Food - Sour Fish Soup
Libo Food Sour Fish Soup

Admire the Natural Scenery

Libo Ancient Town presents a stunning natural scenery especially when exploring by boat riding. Take a boat ride, and it will take you to Guantang Bridge, Mallard Bay, Swan Lake, and Fishermen’s Pier, and you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery of the ancient town.

Best Time to Visit Libo Ancient Town

Libo Ancient Town is an attraction that has many historical and cultural relics and is suitable for visiting all year round. In the middle of April, June, and July, the local ethnic groups will celebrate their festivals. If you want to learn more about their traditions, visit the ancient town in these months and attend their activities. By the way, if you prefer a more comfortable travel experience with fewer crowds, avoid visiting there in October, as it is the peak season for traveling in Libo.

Attractions nearby Libo Ancient Town

Near Libo Ancient Town in Libo County, there are many attractions that await you to explore. Below are the top sites you can visit on your Guizhou travel to Libo.

  • Maolan National Nature Reserve: Located near Libo Ancient Town, thisis an attraction that features the protection of karst forest, rare plants, and endangered wild animals.
  • Daqikong Scenic Area:This scenic area is known for its ancient bridge, which is called the “Triumphal Arch” in Guizhou. You will find primeval forests, grand valleys, and beautiful underground lakes there.
  • Seven Small Arches Scenic Area:This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning natural views. Visiting there, you can see karst landscapes, clear lakes, and magnificent waterfalls. Besides, it’s a good place for boat riding and rafting.

Getting to Libo Ancient Town

It’s easy for you to get to Libo Ancient Town from Guiyang. Make your way to Guiyang South Bus Station and take a bus to Libo Bus Station. Afterward, take Bus No. 2, 10, and 11 to the ancient town. By the way, if you are in the Seven Small Arches Scenic Area in Libo, you can take bus No. 11 to the ancient town.

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