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Zhangjiang Scenic Area – A Natural Wonder in Guizhou

Located in Libo County of Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou, Zhangjiang Scenic Area is a natural wonder included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is mainly composed of four primary scenic areas, namely Xiaoqikong (Small Seven-hole Bridge), Daqikong (Large Seven-hole Bridge), Shuichun River Scenic Area, and Zhangjiang River Scenic Belt.

With its karst landscapes and beautiful scenery, Zhangjiang Scenic Area attracts more and more visitors from home and abroad. If you are interested in the natural beauty of this area and plan to visit there, we can customize your Guizhou tours to Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Area.

Zhangjiang Scenic Area Facts

  • Location: Libo County, Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture,Guizhou Province
  • Opening time:8:00–18:00
  • Ticket price: CNY 130 per person for Xiaoqikong Scenic Area; CNY 55per person for Daqikong Scenic Area; CNY 190 per person for rafting in Shuichun River Scenic Area; free for Zhangjiang River Scenic Belt
  • Time Needed:1–2 days
  • Best time to visit:June to September
  • Suited to: Nature lovers, adventurers, and photographers

Top Attractions in Zhangjiang Scenic Area

Xiaoqikong (Seven Small Arches Scenic Area)

Nature endows this scenic area with almost every beautiful thing, including magnificent waterfalls, blue lakes, lush forests, and unique stones. With all these landscapes, Xiaoqikong in Zhangjiang Scenic Area has gained a good reputation and is called “Super Bonsai” of the city. You can take a boat ride on Yuanyang Lake and get closer to the water. Walk to the Waterfall to experience the majesty of nature. Besides, there is a water forest, and you can take beautiful pictures there.

Xiaoqikong Scenic Area Guizhou
Xiaoqikong Scenic Area

Daqikong Scenic Area

Never miss this attraction on your trip to Libo. Different from the elegance and grace of Xiaoqikong in Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Area, Daqikong presents more spectacular and grand views. You can hike the primeval forest through the winding trails, explore the valleys and lakes, and discover the caves with unique rock formations. The most miraculous landscape is the Tiansheng Bridge, which is renowned as the “Triumphal Arch of Nature.”

Daqikong Scenic Area Guizhou
Take a boat at the Daqikong Scenic Area

Shuichun River Scenic Area

Shuichun River of Zhangjiang Scenic Area is a great place for rafting owing to its placid upstream and rushing downstream. Take a boat ride through the river to absorb the beauty of nature. Besides, the scenic area is also home to a wide range of aquatic plants and animals, making it a popular spot for nature enthusiasts.

Best Time to Visit Zhangjiang Scenic Area

Zhangjiang Scenic Area is open all year round and the best time to visit there is from June to September. During this time, the climate is mild and the surroundings are pleasant, and it’s a golden time for rafting. However, these months are the peak season for tourism. If you prefer a more comfortable experience without so many crowds, spring or autumn are also great times to go there.

Attractions nearby Zhangjiang Scenic Area

Libo is a county with many beautiful tourist attractions, and below are some scenic sites near Zhangjiang Scenic Area.

  • Maolan National Nature Reserve:This is a tourist resort located next to Zhangjiang Scenic Area and is a must-visit attraction on your travel to Guizhou. It covers an area of over 200 square kilometers, among which forests account for 91%.
  • Yaoshan Ancient Village: It is a good place for you to experience the charming landscapes as well as the folk customs. You can take a sightseeing bus to explore this village.
  • Libo Lianshanwan Scenic Area:This attraction is famous for its stunning mountains and waters. If you prefer getting close to nature and yearn for country life, never miss this place.

How to Get to Zhangjiang Scenic Area

To get to the Zhangjiang Scenic Area, you can follow the feasible ways below.

By train: Take a train to Libo County from Guiyang. Then, take a taxi to the scenic area. The journey takes about 3 hours.

By bus: If you find yourself in Guiyang, you can also take a bus to Libo, and then take Bus No.11 to the scenic area. The whole journey takes about 6 hours.

By car: It will be more convenient for you to drive to Zhangjiang Scenic Area. Drive carefully, as the roads in the area are quite winding. If you start from Guiyang, it takes about 3.5 hours.

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