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Lake Manasarovar – The Highest Freshwater Lake in the World

Lake Manasarovar is the largest freshwater lake with the maximum transparency in China, located at the 35km east of Pulan County, Ngari area of Tibet, bordering Kailash Mount at south. It has been entitled as one of “Three Great Holy Lakes” in Tibet, also the resource of the four rivers in Asia. With the spectacles around and significant religion status, Lake Manasarovar has been regarded as the holy center of the world by the believers.

Lake Manasarovar is in a shape of a pear with north part wide and south narrow, stretching 26km in long axis and 21km in short axis, occupying 412km2 in total. It is 4588m above the sea level. The deepest point of this lake is up to 81.8m and the shallowest is up to 46m. The clear and pure water allows people see the depth of the lake about 14m at physical eyes. There are good hot springs and meadows around the lake and naked carps in the lake. It not only nourishes people’s souls with its religion sense but also breeds their bodies.

Manasarovar means “unbeatable” in Tibetan languages, involving many legends. One legend said that there was four Dragon Kings raising waves and winds and making troubles in the four holy rivers (Lake Manasarovar, Lake Namtso, Lake Yamdork and Qinghai Lake). In the period of Tibetan King Trisong Detsen, also the time of Tang Dynasty, Padma Sambhava showed his almighty power and subjugated the four Dragon King, subjected them to take refuge in Buddhism and gradually become the dharma protectors, then the name of Manasarovar.

Another legend said that Manasarovar is the holiest and purest lake as the manna to the man’s world given by Chakrasamvara, by which people could wash out the troubles and sins in one’s soul. In each summer, Buddhism believers with their families come here for pilgrimage, thinking a bath in this lake would bring fortune and health. If people can get a fish, pebble or a feather of birds flying over the lake, their live would be thought to be happy and healthy forever.

Something interesting about Manasarovar is the Lake Rakshastal, which is near and interlinked with Lake Manasarovar by a canal. The water of holy Lake Manasarovar surrounded by hot springs and good meadows is freshwater, pure and clean, while Lake Rakshastal is salty, dark and surrounded by just wild lands. There is no any lively creature making their lives around here, hence the name Ghost Lake.

Open Time: All the days

Admission Charges: CNY150 for per person

Travel Tips:

  1. The best place to appreciate and take photosof the Lake Manasarovar is 基乌寺, where allows visitors have a full view of this holy lake.
  2. Circumambulation around the lake with about 60km circumference need 4 to 5 days and to spend the nightoutdoor on the second day. Except the second day, travelers could accommodate at the temples around the lake.
  3. The accommodations condition here is rough and travelers are suggested some high-calories food and vitamin tablets with you to keep a healthy physical condition. Down-filled sleeping bags are also in need for you to against coldness here, some medicines against cold, diarrhea and injury are recommended taking in your back sacks.
  4. The lake is located at the highland and easily causes altitude stress, so travelers should take some medicine to prevent it.

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