Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake is called “Cuomu Angla Renbo Tso” in Tibetan language, meaning “long-necked swan”. The lake lies in the 12km northwest of Rutog County of Ngari Region, stretching its body on the borderline of Chinese Rutog County and Kashmir. It is an inland lake above the sea level for 4242m.

Pangong Lake is quite magic and interesting. Keeping a trend of east-west, the lake looks long and narrow: the length from east to the west of this lake is about 155km while width from south to north is 15km and the narrowest part even is only 5km. The whole lake occupies more than 600km2, with 400km2 in China’s region and 200km2 in Kashmir controlled by India. The interesting thing is that the saltiness of Pangong Lake changes from east to west, which leads to the east part of lake in China has fresh water while the middle part is semi-salty and the west part is totally salty. Corresponding to that, the part of Pangong Lake in China is the paradise of many fishes and birds as well as other species with splendid scenes around here, while the part in Kashmir is deathly still with no single fish living in.

Lying in the arms of the hills around here, Pangong Lake sends out a special beauty and charm with snowy pinnacles gleaming in the sun bath nearby. Drawing eye sights from the distant snowy mountains, tourists may fix their eyes on the mirror-like lake water which is clear and dedicates different colors, such as deep green, light green and dark blue, due to the elements of illumination, brightness and depth.

Another highlight of Pangong Lake expect the saltiness of its water is the bird Islands in this lake. Birds Island doesn’t bear big scale—about 300m long and 200 wide, where has no trees but low shrubs. The surface of the island has been covered by bird droppings, rubbles and loess, meanwhile, nests and eggs also scatter densely here in the breeding seasons. Due to the transportation inconvenience, remote location and relatively inaccessible information, Bird Island has been seldom visited by tourists and become the paradise for the birds. At present, there are about 20 bird species on the island and the number of birds could even reach tens thousands. It is a visual shock and sound feast to people who come here from busy cities, awakened by the pictures of the harmony between birds and nature.

Open time: all the days for the lake, sightseeing boat from 8:00 to 16:00

Admission Charge: free for the Pangong Lake, CNY80 per person for the sightseeing boat

Travel Tips:

  1. Travelers could pay a sightseeing by boat around the Bird Island but are prohibited to walk onto the Island in order to protect it.
  2. The bird eggs here are under protection and visitors are strictly forbidden to take away or damage them.
  3. There are hostels and restaurants along the lake bank to offer the sightseeing-boats and meals. If the weather permits, travelers could put up tents here.

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