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9 Most Beautiful Beaches in China

The vast territory has endowed China with diverse landscapes and an extremely long coastline housing some of the world’s most stunning beaches. From the tropical views of Sanya to the cultural atmosphere of Gulangyu in Xiamen, these coastal paradises offer diverse visiting experiences for every traveler. In this article, we will unveil the 9 most beautiful beaches in China and guide you to delve into their unique allure.

1. Yalong Bay, Sanya: A Tropical Paradise

Sanya Yalong Bay
Yalong Bay

Nestled in southernmost part of China, Yalong Bay is well-known as a tropical paradise that captivates visitors with its breathtaking natural views consisting of crystal-clear waters as well as beautiful coastline. Hailed as the “Oriental Hawaii”, Yalong Bay boasts a silver-white beach which is in the shape of a giant crescent and is lined up with lush coconut palms, presenting a typical tropical view.

The warm climate makes Yalong Bay visitable all year round, and there are a variety of ways that you can enjoy yourself in, such as sunbathing, swimming, and joining in abundant water sports.

Recommended Hotel: Yalong Bay Villas & Spa

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2. Wuzhizhou Island, Sanya: A Hidden Gem

Sanya Wuzhizhou Island
Sanya Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island is praised as “a hidden gem” embedded in the ocean. It is like a serene retreat away from the world and presents its untouched beauty to travelers. Wuzhizhou Island also boasts diverse marine ecosystems. No one can resist the chance to dive in the spectacular underwater world here to have an intimate contact with shoals of tropical fish. You can also take a leisure walk on the soft beach or simply lie on a chair to bask in the sun and gentle sea breeze.


  • Untouched Natural Scenery– Embraced by the vast sea, Wuzhizhou Island feasts tourists with its unspoiled beauty of white beach, turquoise waters and lush vegetation.
  • Paradise for Diving– Just equip yourself with diving gears for an exploration into its diverse marine ecosystems by viewing various coral reefs and colorful tropical fish.

Recommended Hotel: Wuzhizhou Coral Hotel

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3. Gulangyu Island, Xiamen: An Artistic Oasis

Xiamen Gulangyu Island Beach
Relax on Gulangyu Island Beaches

One should not miss peaceful shores of Gulangyu while visiting Xiamen. It is a “pedestrian-only” island, as all attractions are within walking distance, making it a perfect escape for visitors to have a leisurely vacation.

Gulangyu Island offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural enrichment. Here, you can have a relaxing time along the seashore, visit historical buildings like private gardens and ancient military facilities, and feel its strong artistic atmosphere at music-themed museums.


  • Sunlight Rock– Occupying the highest point of the island, it offers the best angle to view the sea melting into the sky in the distance as well as nearby red-roofed buildings and green plants setting each other off.
  • Shuzhuang Garden –It is a classical garden which perfectly integrates European-style mansions as well as traditional Chinese pavilions, corridors and bridges.
  • “Island of Music Gulangyu is overflowing with music ambience, housing Piano Museum and Organ Museum displaying a variety of precious musical instruments.


Recommended Hotel: Gulangyu Bayview Inn

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4. Golden Sand Beach, Qingdao: A Feast of Ocean Views & Seafood

Qingdao Golden Sand Beach
Golden Sand Beach

Qingdao’s Golden Sand Beach is a coastal gem that enjoys a reputation as the “No. 1 Beach in Asia” because of its powdery and golden sands. It is one of the top beaches in China, ideal for swimming, sunbathing and beach sports like volleyball.

Foodies can also content themselves with tasty seafood here. If you come here during the International Beer Festival, there will be colorful activities offering a special culinary experience during your China tours.


  • The Most Beautiful Bathing Beach It attracts travelers with its iconic yellow shore with sands as delicate as powder, as sparkling as gold.
  • Savor Seafood & Beer There are a number of stalls and restaurants serving diverse delicious seafood, which goes perfect with local famous beer – Tsingtao Beer.



  • The Most Beautiful Bathing Beach It attracts travelers with its iconic yellow shore with sands as delicate as powder, as sparkling as gold.
  • Savor Seafood & Beer There are a number of stalls and restaurants serving diverse delicious seafood, which goes perfect with local famous beer – Tsingtao Beer.

Recommended Hotel: Wyndham Grand Qingdao

5. Tianya Haijiao, Sanya: Legends of Love and Beauty

Sanya Tianya Haijiao
Tianya Haijiao

Embraced by the endless ocean and azure sky, Tianya Haijiao, translated as “the end of the earth”, has become synonymous with eternal love. As one of the most famous beaches in China, it is steeped in legendary tales and is filled with romantic landscapes, making it the first choice for young Chinese couples to shoot wedding photos. Besides breathtaking coastal views, you’ll also encounter several inscribed giant rocks as you walk along the sandy beaches, which form a unique landscape along the sea shore.


  • Romantic Elements There are so many romantic landscapes adding the feeling of love, such as heart-shaped rocks, pure churches, and entangled palms resembling a couple hugging each other.
  • Inscribed Rocks A number of colossal boulders are scattered along the shore, some of which were inscribed with words and poems written by ancient literati and officials, endowing the island with profound cultural accumulation.


Recommended Hotel: Four Points by Sheraton Hainan, Sanya

Recommended Tour: 5 Days Private Sanya Highlight Beach Tour

6. Silver Beach, Beihai: Sea Views & Fountain Shows

Beihai Silver Beach
Silver Beach

The Silver Beach in Beihai is well-known for its fine sandy shore. The sands are so delicate that you won’t feel hurt at all when walking on the beach barefoot. The Silver Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in China, that shows a harmonious blend of ocean views and music. There is a large music sculpture fountain on the shore. Four fountain shows are on every night. Accompanied with beautiful music and colorful lights, it will turn the coastline into a dazzling world.


  • Ideal for Swimming– The highly transparent seawater and the gently sloping shore together make swimming here extremely safe. With an average water temperature of 23℃, there are nine months of the year that is suitable to play in the sea.
  • Music Sculpture Fountain –Asia’s largest music sculpture fountain is set on the Silver Beach. Seen from distance, it looks like a giant pearl with seven beautiful girls surrounding it. At night, spectacular fountain shows will give you a different beach-visiting experience.


Recommended Hotel: Shangri-La Hotel, Beihai

7. Beidaihe Scenic Area, Near Beijing: A Coastal Retreat

Beidaihe near Beijing
Beidaihe near Beijing

Beidaihe Scenic Area is a celebrated coastal retreat located near Beijing. There are several scenic spots offering you diverse visiting experience. You can go to China’s top bathing beaches to enjoy the charming coastline, observe birds in the nearby shoals, or hike the trails to explore the lush hills.


  • Beidaihe East Bathing Beach– It is the largest beach in the whole Scenic Area of Beidaihe, boasting a long winding coastline, gentle sandy shores and crystal-clear waters.
  • Tiger Stone Park– As its name indicates, there are several oddly-shaped rocks dotted on the shore, resembling a pack of tigers crouching on the beach. Here, you can also appreciate splendid scenery of giant rocks stretching into the sea, with earshot of waves crashing on the reefs.
  • Lianfeng Mountain– It is a natural oxygen bar near the expansive beaches of Beidaihe. Follow the hiking trails to explore the lush forest. At the hilltop, you can have a panoramic view of the seascape.

Recommended Hotel: Sheraton Qinhuangdao Beidaihe Hotel

8. Sun and Moon Bay, Wanning: Best Spot for Surfing

Sun and Moon Bay in Wanning
Sun and Moon Bay

Nestled in Wanning, Hainan, Sun and Moon Bay is a tropical haven that will steal your heart with its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery. On the other hand, the long-lasting and strong waves make the bay the best spot in China for surfing, and it has become the place for holding many international high-level surfing competitions. There are surfing clubs at the Sun and Moon Bay offering teaching and equipment rental service. Do not miss the chance to experience this thrilling activity.

Recommended Hotel: Atlantis Sanya

9. Red Beach in Panjin, Liaoning: The One and Only Red Coastline

Located at the mouth of Liaohe River, Red Beach in Panjin offers the one and only coastline in the world, that presents fiery-red landscape during September to October due to a kind of sea blite growing in the mudflats. This unique scenery makes the Red Beach one of the most beautiful beaches in China. Visitors can follow the wooden walkway to fully take in the special natural beauty here. Besides, Panjin Red Beach is also the habitat for thousands of migrant birds, which injects a sense of vitality into this red land.

Recommended Hotel: Panjin Ecological Hotel

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