Where Would You Travel to on the Beautiful March?

Appreciate the Time-limited Breathtaking Scenery

Nyingchi, Tibet

March to April

What will Tibet impress you most? If the answer is blue sky, white cloud and snow-capped mountain, then Nyingchi will definately give you an impression of beautiful dreamland full of surprises. Nyingchi is the only place in Tibet that leave reserved away, and it is also the first one to rejuvenate. The hillsides on both sides of the Niyang River are like a pink fairyland. The snow-capped mountains in the distance are clearly visible in the background of green wheat fields and peach blossoms everywhere.

From March to April each year, Lhasa and the area west of it are still desolate or covered with ice and snow, while Nyingchi has already been greeted with warm weather and flowers everywhere, which is the most beautiful season of the year. Wild peach blossoms decorate the fields of Nyingchi everywhere, the flowers are clustered and pink can catch your eyes, showing people what the real Tibetan Jiangnan is!

Except for the Taohua Village near Bayi Town, there are also lush peach blossoms on both sides of National Highway 318 and Provincial Highway 306, and you can enjoy the picturesque landscapes when you drive by. Wihle peachblossoms open in Bomi are earlier than in Nyingchi, which can almost have a 20-day blooming season.

Enjoy the Gourmets in the Best Season

Yangzhou, Jiangsu

March to April

Libai(the poet in Tang Dynasty) said that “Enjoy the most beautiful Spring scenery in Yangzhou in March” more than a thousand years ago. Spring is the best season to arrive in Jiangsu. At this time, pink peach blossoms and green willows, and the blooming duotian cauliflowers can be seen everywhere. There are also many folklore activities that you can participate in if you are interested.

The Great Canal gives the Yangzhou ancient city more values, the prosperous in ancient times has left this city countless salt marchant mansions, hundreds of ancient streets and make a unique Yangzhou lifestyle. If you have a plan of discovering historical ancient city, Yangzhou will be your smart choice, the authentic culture of ancient city has been well preserved.

You might as well visit Yangzhou and have a bite of Yangzhou gourmets in the best season, with your canal complex or your longing of this city.

In Yangzhou, you can never forget the flavour when you use a straw to pierce the steaming crab soup dumplings, and enjoy the fragrant of pork and fresh crab soup together. There are also famous Emerald Shaomai and Multiple layer oil cake which are called “Two Superb Gourmets in Yangzhou”. The culture of eating morning tea in Yangzhou is comparable to that of Guangzhou. A plate of hot dried silk, a few snacks, a cup of tea, and no matter how busy you are, you have to eat morning tea first. The other famous gourmet is Crab Powder Ball, which is fat but not greasy.

The Small Train in the Rape Flower Field

Qianwei County, Sichuan Province

March to April

The train slowly passing through the sea of golden rapeseed flowers with white smoke. You may have seen such a picture in many places, and it is actually staged in the Jiayang mining area in Qianwei County every year. The Jiayang small train that runs on the Bashi Railway was built in the 1950s. It was originally used to transport coal and later became the main mode of transportation for locals. Nowadays, it has joined the tourists who are admiring the ride. It is the only existing narrow-gauge steam train still operating and is known as the “living fossil of the industrial revolution”.

There are 8 stations along the railway, starting from Shixi and ending at Huangcunjing. The round trip takes about 2.5 hours. Among them, Yuejin Station, also known as Sanjing or Jiayang, is the starting point for most people. Bee Rock and Caizi Dam are excellent locations for taking photos of trains and rape flowers. The former also has a “herringbone” U-turn track designed by Zhan Tianyou.

Bagou is the busiest town on the line. There are many industries and old buildings in the “Cultural Revolution” style in the town, which is suitable for nostalgia. There is a tunnel not far from the town to take pictures of the train leaving the entrance; the terminal station Huangcunjing has a the mine site left by the war, which can be felt in person.

Have a Photography Tour of Eastern Yunnan


March to May

Yunnan is the paradise of photography lovers, countless awesome photos are produced on this self-dring line. Due to the warm weather of great March, many ethnic minority groups have the celebrate carnivals. During this time, the temperate among the whole Yunnan province is moderate and flowers blooming everywhere. Starting from the Dongchuan red land, chasing the changes of light and shadow all the way, the wonders of earth and forests, rape blossoms, terraced fields, and the vicissitudes of ancient towns, all the beautiful sceneries can be involved along this line.

This is a typical tour of appreciating superb scenery in Yunnan province. It is suitable for self-driving to take pictures due to the short distance between the attractions. Different landscapes and seasons can blend different scenery and colors together. The Dongchuan Red Land, which is only 3 hours away from Kunming, has become a tourist upstart in recent years; Luoping rape flower field is an enduring hot spot for photography. The karst peaks and 800,000 acres of golden rape flower field outline a magnificent picture.

The wonderland created by beautiful reflections of the terraced fields and the sea of clouds make people satisfied even at a glance. Good road conditions and food along the way provide a more comfortable experience for this trip. You can also play an exciting game in the Dongchuan mudslide circuit.

Dance with the Swan

Ili, Xinjiang

October to April the next year

Generally speaking, photography lovers would never miss the opportunity to visit Ili, Xinjiang. Here, you will enjoy the gorgeous sunrise and you can also see the shadow of the swans from the outside of the swamp.

Both Sayram Lake and Swan Spring Wetland Park are the superb detinations to appreciate swans. The lake in Swan Wetland Park will not freeze in winter, therefore, swans would take this warm village as their habitat. Many photography lovers would come here each year to capture the beautiful scenery.

Appreciate Sakura in Spring

Wuxi, Jiangsu

March to April

From March to April, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, Yuantouzhu is the busiest place. Whether it is the Cherry Blossom Valley or the Changchun Bridge area, the cherry blossoms are blooming like snow, and the scenery is very beautiful with the water pavilions and terraces. Yuantouzhu has long been known as “the top scenic spot in Taihu Lake” and is the best place to enjoy the scenery of Taihu Lake.

The regular route is: after entering from the gate of Chongshan, take the No. 1 sightseeing bus to the Mei Memorial Archway in Shanhuichuan, or take a short walk to Chongshan Yinxiu and take the scenic bus. Then enter the core scenic spot of Yuantouzhu. Changchun Bridge, Wanlang Bridge, and Guangfu Temple are all iconic scenic spots. You can also take a boat trip to the Fairy Island of Taihu Lake, or climb the LuDingshan Mountain. If you want to save effort, take the No. 2 sightseeing bus up the mountain in the Meipai Archway of Shanhuichuan.

Self-driving Southeast of Guizhou to Miao Township and Tong Township


March to October

The attractiveness of Southeast Guizhou lies in the Miao Village and Tong Township scattered between the mountains and rivers. To the north of Leigong Mountain, there are the famous Langde Shangzhai and Qianhu Miao Village in Xijiang, and to the south of Leigong Mountain, from Liping to Danzhai. There are charming Tong villages along the way. If you are luckily to meet with the national festivals, you will witness one festival after another.

With the opening of Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, Yanrong Expressway, Sanli Expressway, and Liluo Expressway one after another, Southeast Guizhou is no longer a remote rural area in the mountains, and self-driving travel is no longer a rush. You can travel around counties and villages near Kaili city easily.

The weather in March is comfortable, and it is more suitable to start your New Year’s journey from here. Head south from Kaili, along the S308 Provincial Highway, visit Nanhua, Langde Shangzhai and Xijiang Miao Village along the Bala River. If you are a little tired of enjoying the beautiful landscapes, the rich culture of Zhenyuan Ancient Town and Longli Ancient Town is just a good time to adjust your taste. The three counties of Liping, Congjiang and Rongjiang are the settlements of the Tong nationality.

Walk into the Comics

Wuyuan, Jiangxi

March to April

Although the photos of the golden rape flowers are not enough to summarize Wuyuan, the addition of Huizhou culture and Huizhou architecture will surely make your heart fascinating. Come to Wuyuan in spring and enjoy an unforgettable visual feast between rape blossoms and Huizhou architecture.

From March to April, the rape blossoms in Wuyuan bloom from Huangling to Jiangling, and you can take a large picture of the sea of flowers and old houses in any village. Among all the destinations in Wuyuan, Jiangling famous for its high-altitude rape flower terraces. When the flowers bloom, many tourist will come here for superb pictures and share them in their moments.

Although the rape blossoms in Wuyuan are beautiful, they often make people go home in despair. The main reasons that cause this phenomenon are flower species, topography and climate. The climate is the most unpredictable factor. If the weather does not warm enough, the flowers will bloom late. If there is too much rain, the rape blossoms may end early. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the weather forecast before departure.

Hukou Waterfall Peach Blossom Flood

Hukou Waterfall, Shanxi

late March to early April

The ice of the Yellow River melted, and the water volume of Hukou Waterfall increased sharply. Just as the peach blossoms along the coast were blooming, the beautiful name Peach Blossom Flood was given.

No matter how much you have prepared for the magnificence of Hukou Waterfall, when you see it with your own eyes, you will surely be deeply shocked by the majestic momentum. By the beginning of the spring of March, the distant mountains began to be covered with a faint emerald green, and the flowers on the shore were romantic. The ice and snow on the upper reaches Yellow River began to melt.

The majestic waterfall creates bursts of roar, which can be described as “hear the sound before seeing the water”; and once you get closer, you can only see the water from the upstream river rolling in, and the “hukou” is sprayed with spray and mist. You can still see the beautiful rainbow above the sky under the sun.

A Bite of Hainan Food


March to May

March is a good time to enjoy Hainan’s cuisine. Around March 3 of the lunar calendar, food carnivals are everywhere on the island. You can taste authentic snacks such as Li and Miao three-color rice, five-color rice dumplings, and bamboo rice in the market. This is also the best season to enjoy “king of fruit” litchi.

How to eat like a local on this food tour? It is better to start from a bowl of Hainanese noodles. In the early morning, large and small noodle shops will successively open their doors to welcome customers, and then open until late at night or early in the morning. If you want to taste a wider variety of snacks and drinks, go to the lively Dad teahouse on the roadside at noon or afternoon, order a pot of tea or a cup of coffee, and various pastries that will make your index finger move.

Under the scorching sun or in the evening, people will gather in front of the Qingbuliang stalls in the streets and alleys. A quick bowl of Qingbuliang is a good way to relieve the heat. The official Qiongcai restaurant has short business hours. It opens from noon to 10 pm. Restaurants in some cities and towns even only have lunch and dinner markets. After 10 o’clock in the evening, it’s time to look for food at the night market. There is a world of barbecue skewers, night porridge, and fried food. Some shops will be open until two or three in the morning.