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Tour Overview

Some people travel for leisure and broadening their outlook, while others travel for exciting things. If you want to do some craziest things in Xian, there is no better choice than Mt Huashan trekking. Although the mountain is said to be the most precipitous in the world, numerous visitors come to conquer the peaks each year. Its breathtaking scenery is undoubtedly worth seeing. You will take a fast train to the mountain from Xian in the morning, trek for about 4 to 5 hours, and get back to Xian by fast train. If you can manage to squeeze one day into the mountain, just take this tour to test your courage by challenging those hair-raising cliffs.

Highlights of this tour:

1. Conquer the world’s most treacherous mountain, ideal for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers.
2. Hike 4-5 hours up from the foot of the North Peak to the summit to take in the spectacular views of the peaks.
3. Take the cable car down the mountain, photographing the beautiful natural scenery on the way.


After breakfast, meet your enthusiastic guide in the inviting lobby of your Xian downtown hotel. As you make your way to Xian North Railway Station via bus, taxi, or metro, your guide will provide insights into the day’s journey, preparing you for the unique experiences ahead.

Embark on a swift journey aboard the fast train bound for Mt. Huashan at Xian North Railway Station. As the cityscape transitions to the scenic countryside, your anticipation grows for the adventure awaiting at Huashan Bei Station. Capture the excitement of this transition with photos or simply immerse yourself in the journey. Arriving at Mt. Huashan Scenic Area, the transition from the train to a shuttle bus marks the beginning of your mountainous escapade. The bus weaves through the picturesque landscape, building anticipation for the stunning views that lie ahead.

The upward trek commences from the foot of North Peak, a challenging yet exhilarating 4-5 hour ascent. Engage with the surroundings, witness the changing flora, and revel in the sense of accomplishment as you reach the summit of North Peak. Take your time to explore the mountaintop, capturing the breathtaking scenery with your camera while creating lasting memories.

Sea of Clouds in Huashan
Sea of Clouds in Huashan

The afternoon invites further exploration of the mountain’s zenith. Visit key landmarks like the Chess Pavilion and the Taoist temples, absorbing the rich history and spirituality of Mt. Huashan. Seize the opportunity for more captivating photos against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring landscape.

At 17:00, take a descent cable car from the North Peak, offering a unique perspective as you slowly descend towards the foot of North Peak. Return to Xian via the fast train from Huashanbei Station.

Arrive back in Xian and conclude your day by traveling to your hotel via bus, taxi, or metro. Relish the memories of your exhilarating Mt. Huashan adventure, and perhaps plan your next exploration in this captivating region.

Kind Notice:

For this tour, we recommend you book a hotel near Bell Tower or on the route of Xian Metro Line 2.

We would like to suggest you prepare some food and water for the whole climb. The lunch is on your own since there is no restaurant on the mountain top, and the water there is expensive, five times the normal price.

If your group is bigger than 5 people, we advise you to visit Mt. Huashan by private car. Because if the group is bigger, private transportation costs the same or even less than bullet trains.

Huashan Mountain in Xian
Huashan Mountain in Xian

Price includes

  • Second-class Xian-Huashan high-speed train tickets
  • English-speaking tour guide
  • Entrance fee for Mt Huashan
  • Round-way shuttle bus and one-way North Peak cable car down the mountain

Price excludes

  • Meals
  • Personal expense
  • Cost of taxi/metro/bus
  • Gratuities (recommended)
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