Xi’an South Railway Station: How to Get, Schedule

Xi’an South Railway Station was once an important transportation hub in Xi’an. Now, on February 28, 2023, it has been renamed Yinzhen Railway Station, continuing its mission of connecting the city with distant places.

Xian South Railway Station has 3 platforms and operates trains to cities such as Ankang, Baoji, Chengdu, Hohhot, Qiqihar, and others. The railway station is located in Chang’an District of Xi’an, approximately 30km drive from the city center (Bell Tower). If possible, you are suggested to consider transferring to Xi’an North Railway Station or Xi’an Railway Station, which offer richer train connections across the country and more convenient transportation distance from the city center. The new Xi’an South Train Station, connected to the Xi’an Metro, is being planned.

Xi'an South Railway Station
Xian South Railway Station

Xi’an South Railway Station Layout

The train station features a front square and a one-storey building. Its ticket office is situated on the east side of the station, equipped with two windows for ticket purchase, exchange, and refunds. Due to the small waiting hall, only passengers with imminent departures are allowed to enter the station. Once inside, passengers can easily find restrooms and drinking water facilities.

New Xi’an South Railway Station

New Xi’an South Railway Station, aka Xi’annan Railway Station, is planned to be located on the slope adjacent to the Xi’an High-tech Central Industrial Zone. It will serve as a hub for the Xian-Changsha High-speed Railway, featuring 13 platforms with 26 tracks, and an estimated station area of 150,000 square meters. The station will be connected to Xi’an Metro Line 6, Line 12 (under planning), Line 16, and Line 23 (under planning). In the future, tourists will find it more convenient to travel to Xi’an through the South Train Station.

Xi’an Train Schedule to Major Cities

Xi’an South Railway Station has 3 platforms and 7 tracks, operating T and K trains to cities such as Ankang, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hohhot, Qiqihar, and others. The specific train services are as follows:

To Train No. Duration Ticket Price
Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper
Ankang K627, K689, K8177, T245… 2h55m – 3h33m RMB 124.5 RMB 86.5
Chengdu K385, K4239 10h24m – 14h9m RMB 355 RMB 230
Chongqing K1003 10h2m RMB 263 RMB 171
Hohhot Z4336, K998, K692 12h7m – 14h12m RMB 372.5 RMB 238.5
Qiqihar K998 (at 07:49 am) 36h59m – 8h43m RMB 761.5 RMB 483.5

* Note: The schedule above is for reference only (Updated on Feb.20, 2024).

How to get to Xi’an South Train Station from Xi’an downtown?

As the Xi’an South Railway Station is not connected to the subway, passengers can take buses or taxis from the city.

By Bus

Bus No. Route Operating Time Fare
340 East Chang’an Street Shenzhou Fourth Intersection – Yinzhen Station 06:00-20:00 CNY 2
920 Chengnan Bus Station – Tangyu/Jiaodai 07:00-19:00 (to)

05:15-18:00 (from)

Depends on the length (The highest price is CNY8)
736 Ziwu Avenue Sakura Second Intersection – Yinzhen Station 06:00-19:30 (to)

05:50-19:00 (from)

752 Chang’an Bus Station – Yinzhen Station 06:00-17:30 (to)

07:00-18:30 (from)

739 Xi’an FanYi University – Yinzhen Station 06:00-19:30 CNY 2

Among these five bus numbers, Bus 340 has the shortest departure interval and is therefore more recommended. Bus 752 and 739 have longer departure intervals.

By Taxi

From Distance Duration Fare
Bell Tower and Drum Tower 30 km 1 hour CNY 80-90
Terracotta Warriors 62 km 1 hour 20 minutes CNY 160-190
Shaanxi History Museum 25 km 55 minutes CNY 65-80
Ancient City Wall (Yongning Gate) 30 km 1 hour CNY 75-85
Xi’an Railway Station 33 km 1 hour 10 minutes CNY 85-95
Xi’an North Railway Station 47 km 1 hour 15 minutes CNY 120-140

Certain drivers are unwilling to go because the station is quite distant from the downtown area. Therefore, passengers might opt for unauthorized taxi carpooling, with each person paying approximately 30 RMB from the city center to Xi’an South Train Station.

Xi’an South Railway Station Transportation

To Bell Tower

Take Bus 752 and get off at Hangtiancheng Station (航天城), then transfer to Metro Line 2 directly to the Bell Tower. It will cost CNY 6.

To Big Wild Goose Pagoda

  1. Take Bus 920 directly to Big Wild Goose Pagoda.
  2. You can also take Bus 752and get off at the Shenzhou Fourth Road Feitian Intersection Station (神舟四路飞天路口). Then walk for 220 meters and transfer to Metro Line 4 to Dayanta Station (大雁塔).
Big Wild Goose Pagoda Xian
Big Wild Goose Pagoda

To Xi’an North Railway Station

Take Bus 920 and get off at Hangtian Avenue Shenzhou Fourth Intersection (航天大道神州四路口). Walk for 350 meters and take Metro Line 4 at Hangtian Avenue Station (航天城) to Xi’an North Railway Station.

To Xi’an Railway Station

Take Bus 752 and get off at Shenzhou Fourth Road Feitian Intersection (神舟四路飞天路口). Walk for 220 meters and take Metro Line 4 at Feitianlu Station (飞天路) to Xi’an North Railway Station.