Qinzhen Cold Rice Noodles

Cold Rice Noodles is a very popular food in Xian, especially in hot summer days. Taking a walk in street or in the valleys, you will meet Cold Rice Noodles here and there.

Qinzhen Cold Rice Noodles
Qinzhen Cold Rice Noodles


In the summer days, when people lack of appetite, a bowl of cold rice noodles with  a tin of Ice peak, or a cup of Plum juice would be the best choice. Most people would find a eatery to enjoy cold rice noodles in working days. In the weekend, some native Xian people prefer to drive for 1 hours to Qinzhen Town, the origin place of Cold Rice Noodles to eat the most authentic noodles.


There are many legends about origin about Cold Rice Noodles. The widely accepted one is the following: During Qinshihuang Era of the Qin Dynasty in 2000+ years ago, Zhongzhong Plain suffered from drought, local people could not offer rice that meet government standard. To avoid being punished by office, a local villagers mill the rice with water to rice juice and steam juice in pan to invented a new food. And he found it is very special in taste. So he offer it to Emperor instead of offering raw rice. The emperor was surprisingly satisfied with that new food. Local villagers made lots of cold rice noodles and offered them to royal family. Since then, the cold rice noodles became gradually popular in local area among both the rich and the poor.


Actually, cold rice noodles is delicious and easy to cook. Nowadays many people can cook it at home.

Mill the rice and cold water into rice juice, then perm it with boiled water. Then pull some juice to steam box and stem it for 3 minutes.


Remove the steam box, pill the rice wrap off, cool it for some time and then cut the rice wrap. In most eateries in Xian, you may find they use the normal kitchen knife. But in Qinzhen, you will find they use the extremely large knife.


At last, add the unique seasons and some boiled vegetables to the cold rice noodles. A bowl of delicious authentic cold rice noodles is finished!