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Aizhai Bridge – A Marvelous Suspension Bridge in China

Being a highway bridge, Aizhai Bridge is one of the longest bridges in the world. It crosses the Dehang Grand Canyon and spans 1,176 meters, making it an engineering marvel in China. Other than a suspension bridge that conquered the natural barriers and created a thoroughfare, Aizhai Bridge in China offers a great platform for tourists to experience the magnificent views and gems of wisdom of human beings.


Overview of Aizhai Bridge

As a marvelous grand bridge with a long span in China, the construction of the Aizhai Bridge was not easy. The steep valley, complex terrain, villainous climate, and bad transportation made it difficult to build a bridge. The project started in October 2007 and finished in March 2012, with the constructors’ brilliant techniques and spirit of selfless dedication.

The Aizhai Bridge adopts a unique structural design, which is a completely separated structure of the towers and beams. Built according to the terrain of the surrounding mountains, the towers and the stiffening steel truss girder directly connect to tunnels on the cliffs. Designed based on geological conditions, the tunnel anchors and gravity anchors are in harmony with the surrounding landscapes. If you want to explore this wonder in China, we can customize your Zhangjiajie tours to Aizhai Bridge.

Zhangjiajie Aizhai Bridge
Aizhai Bridge

Aizhai Bridge Facts

  • Location: Aizhai Town, Jishou City, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province
  • Opening time: All day long
  • Aizhai Bridgesheight, length, and width: 355 meters in height, 1073.65 meters in length, and 5 meters in width
  • Start date: October 2007
  • Completion date: March 2012
  • Ticket: CNY 115 (including sightseeing elevator)


What to See and Do at Aizhai Bridge

1. Aizhai Bridge Sightseeing

Surrounded by mountains, Aizhai Bridge is a charming place with a deep valley under it. When touring on a sunny day, you will see the white clouds, blue sky, and green trees in the valley contrasting finely with each other, creating a beautiful picture.

It must be a thrilling experience for you to explore the Aizhai Suspension Bridge, as you need to traverse the boardwalk by the side of a cliff, a part of which is a glass walkway. Besides, you can also take the sightseeing elevator to visit the Aizhai Bridge in Hunan, China.

2. Night Scene of Aizhai Bridge

Aizhai Bridge is incredibly beautiful in the evening when the 2,000 colorful lights are on. Decorated by the lights, the bridge shows a more clear and charming contour. Standing on the bridge, you can see the meandering roads below resembling a winding ribbon. The roads connect the whole valley, which presents a harmonious picture of nature and human beings.

Night Scene of Aizhai Bridge Zhangjiajie
Night Scene of Aizhai Bridge

3. Marvel at Dehang Grand Canyon

Aizhai Bridge crosses the Dehang Grand Canyon, a typical karst gorge landform in China. This large canyon mainly features steep palisades, graceful mountains, waterfalls, and dense forests. Also, it has abundant animal and plant resources. The average temperature of the canyon is about 17 degrees, making it a great tourist attraction all year round.

4. Extreme Sports at Aizhai Bridge

Except for its breathtaking views, Aizhai Bridge also attracts extreme sports enthusiasts for its unique location. There, you can see people doing a variety of extreme sports, including riding mountain bikes, rock climbing, and base jumping. Those sports enthusiasts challenge themselves and pursue perfection, making this bridge more vigorous. If you are an adventure lover, never miss this place on your Zhangjiajie tours.

5. Take Breathtaking Photos

Don’t forget to take photos of the Aizhai Bridge. Green mountains and clear rivers contrast the red bridge, making the scenery a colorful oil painting. The magnificent bridge, the Grand Canyon, and the winding road form a beautiful picture. Bring these unforgettable moments home and share them with your friends and families.

6. Visit nearby Dehang Miao Village

Near Aizhai Bridge, there is a Dehang Miao Village in Aizhai Town. It is a remote village with traditional and graceful Miao customs, which attracts many tourists from home and abroad. Visiting there, you will find stilted buildings (Diaojiaolou), smooth cobblestone roads, and elaborately designed stone arch bridges. Besides, people there hold many cultural activities, including singing, dancing, bullfighting, and climbing a ladder of knives. It should be a wonderful experience for you to be involved in those activities after your trip to Zhangjiajie.


Best Time to Visit Aizhai Bridge

As Aizhai Bridge is located in the western part of Hunan, the best time to visit there is in spring and autumn, during which the climate is mild and the scenery is beautiful. Travel to Aizhai Suspension Bridge after your tours of Zhangjiajie in spring or autumn, and it will never let you down.


How to Get to Aizhai Bridge

Aizhai Suspension Bridge is located in Jishou, a city near Zhangjiajie. You can follow the practical ways below to travel to Aizhai Bridge from Zhangjiajie.

Bus bus: Make your way to Zhangjiajie Train Station and take a train to Jishou Train Station. From there, take a tourist bus to Aizhai Bridge.

By car: As the Aizhai Suspension Bridge in China is actually a highway bridge, it will be better if you can drive there and experience the marvel of it. Aizhai Bridge is about 170 kilometers from Zhangjiajie, and it takes about 2 hours to reach Aizhai Suspension Bridge from Zhangjiajie city.


Attractions nearby Aizhai Bridge

  • Aizhai Wonder Scenic Area: Located in Aizhai Town, this spot is a comprehensive cultural tourism zone that mainly features sightseeing, leisure, and science popularization. By the way, the Aizhai Bridge is a significant part of it.
  • Fenghuang Ancient Town: Also known as the Phoenix Ancient Town, this attraction is about 70 kilometers from Aizhai Suspension Bridge. It is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and ancient architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Never miss the night scenery of the ancient town.
  • Furong Ancient Town: Located 85 kilometers from Aizhai Bridge, it has a history of more than 2,000 years. Owing to its beautiful natural landscape and distinctive stilted buildings, it is recognized as “a Millennium town hanging on a waterfall.”


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