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Qiao’s Family Compound: A More Famous Jin Merchant Mansion

Qiao Family Compound, situated in Qi County, Shanxi Province, China, is about 50 km away from Pingyao ancient city and is a well-preserved traditional residential complex. When you make a trip to Pingyao, Qiao’s Family Compound is a scenic spot worth visiting.

Qiao Family Compound was originally built in 1756 during the Qing Dynasty’s Qianlong period and later restored in the late years of Emperor Guangxu. The building was completed in the early years of the People’s Republic of China.

In the compound, there are surprising courtyards, complex wood carvings, and exquisite wall paintings, which show rich man’s building style and lifestyle in the Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, the Qiao Family Compound has become a popular scenic spot and is designated as a National Cultural Heritage. Tourists can explore the rich history and culture of this area.


Qiao Family Compound Facts

  • In Chinese: 乔家大院
  • Location: Qiaojiabao Village, Qi County, Shanxi Province, about 50 km away from Pingyao ancient city, about 60 km away from Taiyuan.
  • Opening time: April to October: 08:30-18:30; November to March: 08:30-17:00.
  • Ticket price:115 yuan/person.
  • Time needed: About 2 hours.
  • The best time to visit: Spring and Autumn.
  • Best for: History and culture lovers, architecture lovers, and photographers.
Qiao Family Courtyard Pingyao
Qiaos Family Courtyard

What to See and Do in Qiao Family Compound

1. Architecture and Layout:

Tourists visiting the Qiao Family Compound during their Pingyao tours can appreciate six large courtyards, twenty small courtyards, and three hundred and thirteen rooms, which show the turtle design, delicate sculptures, and symbolic decoration.

2. Main Hall:

Main Hall is the largest and most magnificent building in the compound, the place of holding rituals, reception, and meetings, and displays the ancestral memorial tablet, painting, and calligraphy.

3. Theme Hall:

In the compound, the theme hall displays the history, culture, and lifestyle of Qiao’s Family and the Jin and Shang Dynasty, and provides chances to get to know their commerce, trade, finance, arts, religion, costume, furniture, etc..

4. Folk Performance and Shadow Play:

The theatre stage and opera tower provide folk performances and shadow play, with Shanxi’s traditional music, dancing, acrobatic play, and storytelling as special features.

Local customs and holidays: Tourists can experience the whole year’s local customs and holidays, such as Lantern Festival’s lanterns and riddles, Dragon Boat Festival’s noodles and dumplings, Spring Festival’s lion dance, and firecrackers.

Shanxi Pingyao Qiao Family Compound
Admire the architecture and layout

Best Time to Visit Qiao Family Compound

Qiao Family Compound is open for the whole year, but the ideal visiting time is Spring and Autumn. At that time, the weather is nice, and in the courtyard, grass and flowers are blossoming. In avoidance of traffic jams, it is better to visit on working days, but not on weekends or public holidays.


How to Get to Qiao Family Compound

Qiao Family Compound is situated in Qiaojiabao Village, Qi County, about 60 km away from Taiyuan and about 50 km away from Pingyao Ancient City. Tourists can take a bus to the compound from Pingyao or Taiyuan Jiannan Bus Station. It takes about 1.5 hours and costs about 15 yuan.

A taxi or private car is also available. It usually takes about 40 minutes and costs about 100 yuan.

Or, tourists can join a guided tour to visit Qiao’s Family Compound and other hot tourist attractions of Shanxi Province.


Comparing of Qiao Family Compound and Wang Family Compound

Building time and scale: The Qiao Family Compound was originally built in 1756. The total area is 8,725 square meters. It owns six large courtyards and twenty small courtyards, a total of 313 rooms. Wang Family Compound is originally built in Yuan Dynasty and expanded in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The total area reaches 250,000 square meters, and the open area includes the Hengzhen Fortress and Shilu Fortress. It owns 123 courtyards in total and 1,118 rooms.

Prosperous age and architecture style: The Qiao Family Compound has been prosperous for more than 200 years. Its architecture integrates with the European style, which reflects the residence building’s unique style of the Qing Dynasty. Wang’s Family Compound has been prosperous for about 450 years. Its architectural style is the typical Ming and Qing architecture style.

Geographical site: Qiao Family Compound is located in Qiaojiabao Village, Qi County, Shanxi Province. It wholly sits above the plain, and it is a castle-style architecture surrounded by streets on all sides. Wang’s Family Compound is located in Jingsheng Town, Lingshi County, Shanxi Province. It is built against the mountain, and it is beneficial for daylighting and drainage.


Nearby Attractions of Qiao Family Compound

  • Zhaoyu Ancient City: It is a well-preserved ancient town, about 14 km away southwest of Qiao’s Family Compound. It is featured with Quadrangle Dwellings and architecture of the Qing Dynasty, providing a true Shanxi village life for tourists.
  • Zhenguo Temple: Zhenguo Temple, about 12 km away Northwest of Qiao’s Family Compound, is a Buddhist temple with a long history. It owns China’s oldest wooden architecture and sculpture, which date back to the 10 century. It has already been designated as UNESCO World Heritage.


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