A Set of Terracotta Warrior – A Popular Souvenir When Travel to Xian

Terracotta Warriors shocked the whole world once discovered in 1974 by local farmers, thereafter disclosing secrets of the China’ First Emperor and his army as well as funeral culture in remote ancient time. A large scale of the troops unearthed in the underground palace of Emperor Qin’s subordinate tomb, including generals, officials, officers in different rank, infantry, cavalry, bronze chariots, horses, weapons…Here is a set of the best classic terracotta warriors plus horses, as the top 1 souvenir chosen by the most travelers when they travel to Xian.

We provide the set of Terracotta Warriors with customzied size, varying from 10-15 cm. Please check more details below for reference and always feel free to inquiry at info@chinaxiantour.com

Size Height (cm) Pieces
15 cm H15 5
10 cm H10 5

Warm Notice: Each replica is customized by hands, so please be aware the date here is for reference and expect there might be subtle discrepancy on the real size/weight.